Four Kings playing cards. Birds will guide the destiny of this magical deck

Sharic Bui (Falseforte) is a versatile artist whose passion and talent have led her to enroll in her first card project: FOUR KINGS.

Sharic has a simple, minimal, linear, monochrome style that is charming. Her work is influenced by her love of graphic design and typography, with elegant vector drawings.

In addition to her designs, behind the artist there is a storyteller, and it is her own stories that have inspired these artwork.

The deck is inspired by four brothers, kings of four distant kingdoms, where magic is still possible. Each of them has achieved their own personal evolution and is guided by their own values. While the traditionally red kings (hearts and diamonds), which are gold in this deck, represent kindness, justice and wisdom, the black kings (spades and clubs) are on the dark side, possessed by black magic and desire for power and conquest.



Each of the kings is followed by his queen and his knight (jack), but they also have the guidance of an inseparable magical bird, a gift from their father before leaving the nest in search of their new destiny. Each bird mirrors the heart feelings of its owner thanks to the spell of the wizard who created them.



The aces represent the refuge of the magic birds while the jokers show the original cage from which they come.



Like the hearts and diamonds cards, the back will also be printed with gold metallic ink and will feature a symmetrical composition with a pattern of crowns.



The tuck case is delicate, traditionally styled with gold foil on cream paper and a beautiful black seal. It is also printed inside with a map of the four kingdoms.



In addition to the standard edition, a limited and numbered gilded edition (150 decks) will be produced.



Stories of intrigue and epic battles can be imagined from the calm gaze of these elegant cards. The deck, printed by the USPCC, will be a perfect tool for a great night of poker or for card magic effects with a special touch.

If you want to support the campaign and make Four Kings a reality, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!