Mystery Deck by Bedeceived. Pre-order

After some days full of “mystery”, Bedeceived , the creators of the already sold out Style deck, reveal the new design concept on this MYSTERY deck.

A deck created thinking on magicians with a clean black back design in order for the spectator and the magician to receive the maximum effect. Any distractions from the real focus point – the faces – would only detract from this piece of art.

A deck that symbolizes elegance, boldness, simplicity, and of course, Mystery.

It is printed on premium Aristocrat stock with a magic finish, all sealed in a durable embossed tuck box.

Enjoy, and never forget that the best things in life are simple.


  • Pure Black backs with a fade-out border.
  • Embossed tuckbox that is printed inside and out
  • Aristocrat Stock
  • Magic Finish
  • 8DIAMONDS Joker Reveal
  • Tuck Box QR Code Reveal
  • Only 2500 will ever be printed.
  • The decks will be in stock and shipped out mid-July, but they may sell out before then during the preorder.


And now, some official fotos. Enjoy them!