JAPANESE SCROLLS Playing Cards. Color and tradition of the Japanese culture

A fun and colorful style inspired by ancient civilizations has provided Emmanuel Valtierra with a group of fans that have funded two decks and encouraged him to produce the third one: JAPANESE SCROLLS.

After the Aztec world in Aztec Codex and the Egyptian in Glyphs, Emmanuel jumps to another continent to create a unique deck inspired by Japanese culture and its traditions. Samurais, geishas, mythological animals, masks … all of classical symbolism is present this deck with traditional Japanese ancient style illustrations.




Japanese Scrolls is the third in a series of four decks and preserves the aesthetics of the previous ones. It will be printed by Make Playing Cards while a funding stretch goal includes printing with the EPCC in case print-run is high enough.




Do not hesitate to complete your collection. You can even get one of the almost sold out previous decks. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!