EGYPTIAN GLYPHS Playing Cards. Colorful pharaohs and gods of antiquity

After successfully fulfilling his Aztec Codex campaign, Emmanuel Valtierra has just released the second deck of the series: EGYPTIAN GLYPHS.




In this second creation, Emmanuel makes his own colorful interpretation of the ancient Egyptian culture. Inspired by the hieroglyphic art, each and every one of the cards looks like a papyrus with its own design. The symbolism has been carefully studied and court cards and jokers depict divine and earthly characters like the pharaohs Tutankhamun or Ramses, Queen Cleopatra, farm workers or the gods Horus and Seth. All they illustrate the deck with its imposing and symmetrical presence.






If you liked the Aztec deck, the Egyptian edition will make you happy and if you missed the opportunity to get the first one, you can also get it in this campaign and complete your collection.

The project is almost funded and there are many days left so the campaign will certainly be another success of this versatile and mad creator. Show him your support visiting the project website and raising your pledge.

Good luck!