BLACK MARKET Decks. Warning! The Apocalypse is here… let’s play cards


Misery Development Ltd. (MDT) is a global team based in UK of about 12 hardcore devoted creatives, each with special skill sets. Directed by Nicolai Heering, they speak a lot of different languages as they are American, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Macedonian, Japanese, Danish and German, but they all have a common language: THE GAME.

MDT created the award winning (and free) Stalker Misery mod, downloaded by more than 600.000 gamers worldwide. Since then, they have started a standalone, post-apocalyptic, visual novel game project, titled The Seed, funded on Kickstarter and still in development with famous US authors investing their time and effort to make something great.

Nicolai is an experienced graphic designer and loves playing cards design. He was the artist and project creator for Decks of The Aftermath, succesfully funded in Kickstarter some months ago and now he is facing a new and amazing project: BLACK MARKET Playing Cards.



Black Market Playing Cards is a set of three decks inspired by post-apocalyptic literature such as Roadside Picnic ,  The Road or Metro2033. and visual merchandising like cigarette boxes and vodka brand labels.

Although each deck is completely different from the other, all three decks work very well together, yet having their own personal identity. While VETERAN has the most explicit design regarding the real post-apo atmosphere, TZAROKA (which is a made-up word) serves as the more governmental, elite deck, and RED BAR  is the caviar and vodka shot deck. A puff of a smoke and heavy red curtains set the tone in this exclusive club.

While the first playing cards project Decks of The Aftermath was printed by Make Playing Cards and they names on the AMBASSADOR decks were manually added for each backer, Black Market will be printed by Legends Playing Card Company and all backers can expect a top notch deck stock quality with Emerald Finish.

The Kickstarter goal seems very low for a project that includes three decks, but Nicolai told me he is not in this for the money, but for the fun of it and the budget has been set in-depth and under heavy guidance from experienced sales advisors. This is not their first deck project so they should know what they are doing here.

Have a look to the gallery to see the particular design of each deck. This is an amazing campaign where the funding goal is almost reached. Let’s help this to become a reality and visit the project website to raise your pledge.

Good luck!