Bicycle Demograffik deck. The multi-cultural playing cards



When you have a look to the court cards of a standard deck, you notice that all the characters belong to the same place, to the same region, to the same country. Paul Janzen and Troy Sullivan, Hurlyburly Games guys, have decided to show (a part of) the wide human diversity on a customized Bicycle deck: Demograffik.



Their idea is to pick up several cultures and countries, most of them related to the playing cards tradition and history, and represent them on the 12 court cards of a standard deck.



The result is an interesting custom deck with redesigned pips and faces featuring a very varied demography .



Each suit depicts a continent: Asia (hearts), Africa (diamonds), America (spades) and Europe (clubs). The back design shows a sunflower made up of the suits symbols and contains celestial and terrestrial elements.



If funded, it will be printed by the USPCC, Bicycle branded.

This is a deck connected to the earth and to the human being and will be real just if people all around the globe supports it. Raise your pledge on the project’s website and make this real.

Good luck!