Hoyle Official Card Games. How to play cards if you don’t have a deck

Let me, just for the first time, talk about playing cards without playing cards.

Encore is a well-known and solid company dedicated to provide people with the appropriate software. One of their software families is dedicated to games and entertainment and they contacted me to let me know they were working with the USPCC developing the Hoyle Official Cards Video Game. Being Hoyle one of the most popular brands for more than two centuries, they were so kind providing me with the details that I thought it could be interesting for my readers.


Hoyle Card Faces 670x530


The new Hoyle Official Card Games Collection includes high-resolution graphics for a fantastic set of card games. Not only the variations of classic card games like Solitaire, Hearts, Bridge, Euchre, Rummy, Blackjack, Go Fish, or War are present. The collection also includes several card games never before featured in a Hoyle game, such as Fan Tan, Oh Hell and Whist.



The main features of this video game are

  • Over 70 new and classic card games to learn, practice and master
  • Dozens of backgrounds and cards to choose from
  • All-new visuals with high-resolution, widescreen monitor support
  • Put yourself in the game or create silly faces with the new and improved Face Creator
  • Play your best hand with large, easy-to-read cards
  • The challenges never stop with a variety of different in-game opponents
  • Select from a variety of characters, speed of play, and more


Hoyle Card Backs 670x1240


If you are a card fan and a video games fan, or you are fed up with losing every Friday poker night with your friends, you can find here a very good ally to improve your skill or just to get fun. If you want to download the game, you can visit the official website.

Play the game!