CLEAR SKIES Playing Cards. A deck made in Ukraine to help Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, the world woke up to what is, without a doubt, the greatest armed conflict of this century. It did not come from a new conflict at all, but from a major war escalation that led to the decision of the Russian government to invade Ukraine. What was called by the Kremlin (and the main person responsible for this invasion, Vladimir Putin) as a “special military operation” was, in reality, an aggression that has been particularly prevalent against the civilian population. So far, more than 20,000 people have disappeared and almost 2,000 buildings have been destroyed, but the most dramatic number is that of more than 10 million people who have fled the country in an unprecedented exodus.

This conflict is leaving its mark on a huge number of inhabitants of our planet, who witness with desperation and frustration the most absolute failure of politics and international justice, without being able to understand the suffering of so many innocent people. Personal damage is irreparable, but the needs of the Ukrainian people are many, and its reconstruction will take a long time. That is why a small work team has decided to contribute their own grain of sand and pay homage to all those who seek peace, through a deck of playing cards: CLEAR SKIES.

Three great passionate about their work, Old Gravity, Noir Arts and Max Playing Cards, have teamed up to create these playing cards. This deck is, therefore, the fruit of the hope of the desperate, the consolation of those oppressed, the love of those who live in hatred… it is a tribute to the ideals of the Ukrainian people who defend peace with brave hearts, justice and brotherhood.



Ritu Bhattacharya (Old Gravity) have put her purest sentiments in some designs made of hope, with watercolors that mix water with tears for those who suffer. They show how the Ukrainian colors and nationalist emblems and ideals stand firm, unshakable and united, ready for the constant struggle for peace, amidst the massive explosions, indiscriminate destruction and panic of war.



The unjustified suffering and bloodshed shake those who see in Ukraine a beautiful and peaceful country, thrown into this merciless war. However, the strength, determination and resilience of the Ukrainian people illuminate with hope the future of the country and its necessary reconstruction. Each of the suits is inspired and expresses a positive value. The freedom of clubs, the unity of diamonds, the love of hearts and the truth of spades. These cards are full of best wishes for a people fighting for their freedom.



The back is an allegory represented by a golden tree, partially burned, still shining under the cosmic light coming from the universe. It is a destroyed country with a light and an inner strength that radiates hope. The entire deck has been completely customized, and each card is a canvas that brims with emotion.



Bivas Bhattacharjee (Old Gravity) has created a tuck case with a modern design, with an eye on the future, a future of freedom adorned with the symbols and colors of the Ukrainian country. On the front, his national flower, the sunflower, now a symbol of resistance, frames his emblem, the trident, a symbol of freedom. The back is a hymn to peace, with a dove taking flight but being destroyed by the conflict. However, two tree-shaped hands reach out to catch the pieces and rebuild it. All the designs will be made without printing, with metallic blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag, on a blue paper with a clear sky in which the stars are the symbol of hope.




Noir Arts (NPCC) is a well-regarded printing company located in the western part of Ukraine. There could not be another printer in the world more suitable for this project, working from pressure, uncertainty, and pain, but strongly and decisively carrying out this deck not only as another job but as a symbol of resistance and hopeThey will use their best options for the deck, with a high quality 310gsm German paper and premium linen finish on the cards, dark blue paper stock, and dual-foiling (shades of gold and blue) on the tuck case.

We hope this campaign will be a charm and, during its development, this terrible invasion will end and the Ukrainian people will be able to start working on their reconstruction. For this reason, and as card lovers, the work team wanted to thank in a very special way those who participate more actively in the project. So, in addition to a significant discount according the number of decks, we have included an ultra-limited edition that will be available only during the campaign.

The UNITY edition is a tribute to the Ukrainian people in their battle for democracy and sovereignty. The orange color, typical of the civil revolution that united the people against political corruption, is now the standard of this edition that represents the spirit of struggle and the desire for freedom in the face of war crimes that civilians are suffering by an army that is sowing, with their hatred, the destruction of a country through the slaughter of its innocents. The cards will therefore have a different color scheme while preserving the essence of the original illustrations.



The tuck case will also be different, with a beautiful combination of copper and silver foils on white stock. 



This deck can be added when the stretch goal is achieved but, from the beginning, it will be included for free in the 6 and 12 decks tiers.

This project has been designed exclusively with the Ukrainian people in mind and the restoration of their lives after this terrible invasion. for that reason, the money collected, after payment of Kickstarter and bank fees, will be used to pay for the production and distribution of the deck, thereby helping the Ukrainian economy.

The end of the conflict will only be the beginning of reconstruction, and Ukraine will need a lot of help. All the team members have waived any type of payment so, after having ensured the production and distribution, the profit obtained will be put at the service of Ukrainian institutions for the help of its citizens and the reconstruction of their lives.

Please, whether you decide to back this campaign or not, spread the voice. We must keep the flame of hope alive and trust that this conflict will finish very soon.

If you want to join this movement for peace and unity, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Thank you for your support!