GHOST OF KYIV Playing Cards. The fight for peace in Ukraine

War is a a one of the clearest symptoms of the decadence in a civilized society. The invasion that the Russian government has been carrying out for more than one month in Ukraine has caused an international uproar. Within all the terrible events that occur in the Ukrainian country, there are also some legends that give hope to those who have lost it. Inspired by one of those legends, Andy Kurovets (3rd dominion) brings us his new deck: GHOST OF KYIV.

This is a very special project, since it arises in the midst of the most important armed conflict of this century. Thanks to social networks, the world is experiencing what is happening there in a much closer way, and it is precisely on those networks where the “Ghost of Kyiv” is spoken of. This hero, who would be in command of a MiG-29 fighter protecting Ukrainian airspace, has already become a symbol of resistance to the Russian invasion.

For many reasons, this was the perfect theme for a new 3rd Dominion deck. On the one hand, it is a team of Ukrainians who are experiencing this terrible situation firsthand. On the other hand, the inspiration from their previous decks led them to design an original tuck case, with a unique opening system based on origami construction principles, and that fits perfectly with the idea of ​​a fighter plane.

Using the colors of the Ukrainian flag, two editions will be printed, in yellow and blue. Each of the editions will be available in two different tuck cases, Classic and Weird.



While classic decks will use a traditional gold foiled tuck case, weird decks will use the special case that unfolds like the wings of an airplane when opened. In addition, its finish with three different foils will be much more spectacular.



The cards in all decks will be the same (with the exception of the jokers), printed on high-quality paper and with gold metallic ink.




An extra card, the super joker, shows the president of the Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, an internationally respected man and a true hero for the Ukrainians who draw strength from weakness to defend their country.



Furthermore, an exclusive an limited holographic tuck case edition is offered as add-on.



The project will also have added value as Andy has teamed up with Noir Arts (NPCC), a well-known printing company based in Ukraine, making this production truly special for them and their backers. This will be a great opportunity to also help a people that has lost a lot and that will also need a lot to rebuild itself.

If you want to be part of this campaign, which is already a success, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!