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ABBOTS Playing Cards. Robots take over

3rd dominion is closely linked to futuristic cards with very special cases and original ideas. We are now witnessing their latest release: ABBOTS. Abbots is inspired by the story of a world where robots, coexisting with humans, unlock a secret code that gives them access to powerful technology. As in their previous creations, the entire […]


SHAMANIC JOURNEY playing cards. Spread your wings on a journey into your inner world

Some people consider shamanism as the path to integration with nature and connection with ourselves. To achieve this, one of the techniques used is the shamanic journey, which allows us to connect with our interior in a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Inspired by this idea, SHAMANIC JOURNEY decks arrive. In these cards, Andy Kurovets (3rd dominion) […]


BIG BROTHER Playing Cards. The deck that keeps an eye on you

Big Brother is a superior entity first introduced by George Orwell in 1984 in his novel about a dystopian society. This enigmatic, controlling and omnipresent being has served as inspiration for a new deck: BIG BROTHER. This is the second deck by Andy Kurovets (3rd dominion) after successfully completing the production of his Art of […]


THE ART OF THE CON Playing Cards. A deceptive deck

Deception is as old as humanity. Used to make a profit at the expense of others’ ignorance or greed, it has turned some people into true scam legends. Inspired by some of the biggest swindlers in history, the young and dynamic 3rd dominion group have just released their first deck: THE ART OF THE CON. […]