THE ART OF THE CON Playing Cards. A deceptive deck

Deception is as old as humanity. Used to make a profit at the expense of others’ ignorance or greed, it has turned some people into true scam legends. Inspired by some of the biggest swindlers in history, the young and dynamic 3rd dominion group have just released their first deck: THE ART OF THE CON.

The relationship between playing cards and confidence tricksters has served as the basis of a marked deck in which the trap is not only on the back, but in the story behind the characters that decorate the court, where you can find the man who managed to sell the Tower Eiffel twice or the woman who pretended to be a princess to marry and rob several unwary husbands.

Thus, each suit represents three well-known scammers from the 17th to the 20th centuries drawn in a simple and modern monochromatic scheme.



The numbered cards are standard, to avoid suspicion, while the ace of spades has been customized.



The jokers are different and show a funny animation.



The biggest secret of the deck is hidden in a simple but effective marking system on the back. I cannot and should not say much more, but you can have a look to the image.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC on its classic paper and air cushion finish. As stretch goal, the tuck case will be embossed.

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