Chivalry Playing Cards. Corteous knights clad in armor



Following the success of the Noble deck, Design Imperator staff, Nicolai and Marianne, have just launched a new deck already funded in some hours: CHIVALRY.



Chivalry is a tribute to medieval knights. The ornate design of the cards brings the most classic elements of medieval chivalry: armors and coats of arms. Each suit shows a different Order represented by an animal: The Lion, the Stallion, the Ibex and the Bear.



Like in their previous deck, Chivalry keys are elegance and an intricate design, apart from some extras added to the tuckcase: embossing, custom seals, metal foil, …

There will be two editions of the deck (Gold and Silver) printed by the LPCC in a limited print-run of 1,250 units of each edition.



If you like the designs, please visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!