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11 May

The latest THREE releases by Collectable Playing Cards. More decks to choose

Collectable Playing Cards is already one of the most prolific producers of playing cards at this moment. Their projects are simple and straightforward: assorted designs, Bicycle branded in most cases, partial funding system in Kickstarter, their own shipping service and a flexible distribution policy. This efficient work philosophy makes CPC a creator present in crowdfunding all the time. So much so, they that have in this moment three different projects in Kickstarter. All the decks will be Bicycle branded, printed by…

28 May

Chivalry Playing Cards. Corteous knights clad in armor

    Following the success of the Noble deck, Design Imperator staff, Nicolai and Marianne, have just launched a new deck already funded in some hours: CHIVALRY.     Chivalry is a tribute to medieval knights. The ornate design of the cards brings the most classic elements of medieval chivalry: armors and coats of arms. Each suit shows a different Order represented by an animal: The Lion, the Stallion, the Ibex and the Bear.     Like in their previous deck,…