UNBREAKABLE UKRAÏNA Playing Cards. A deck of hope in times of war

In a world where tragedies are often forgotten as quickly as they arise, it’s easy to lose sight of the reality of ongoing conflicts that continue to affect entire communities. Exactly two years have passed since the onset of the brutal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, an event that marked the beginning of a devastating conflict that still plagues the nation. While the media may have stopped echoing the news of this war, the conflict remains as alive as ever, and this new deck is a reminder of the persistence of this conflict and as a tangible way to show support for those fighting on the front lines for Ukraine’s freedom and independence: UNBREAKABLE UKRAÏNA.

The inspiration behind this deck harks back to the hearts and souls of those who resist adversity. This is the perfect occasion for Lithuanian designer Tautvydas Kaltenis, who captivated us with his work on Dausos, to unleash his full creative potential, born from a mind open and deeply rooted in cultural research. From soldiers on the front lines to ordinary civilians, each card tells a story of bravery and sacrifice. This project emerges as a platform to honor these stories and offer a tangible gesture of support to those fighting for Ukraine’s independence and future.

The illustrations of the Unbreakable Ukraïna cards are a visual testimony to Ukraine’s history and resistance. Inspired by the country’s rich cultural heritage, each design is imbued with symbolism and meaning. From the ancient Trýzub (or Ukrainian trident) to the intricate folk embroidery motifs of the vyshyvanka, these cards capture the very essence of the Ukrainian spirit. Every detail has been carefully crafted by talented artists, blending tradition with the contemporary narrative of the struggle for independence. These illustrations not only adorn the cards but also tell a story of courage and determination that resonates in the heart of every Ukrainian.



The back displays a composition of multiple patterns inspired by Ukrainian folk embroidery, whose vibrant colors and intricate designs reflect Ukraine’s cultural richness and the unity of its people in times of adversity. It’s a powerful visual symbol of the resilience and determination of a nation coming together to defend its values and freedom.



The indices have been customized with a Latinized Cyrillic font, and the pips also use embroidered patterns embellished with metallic inks.



The large-sized aces facilitate their identification in the game and serve as an aesthetic thread connecting the rest of the cards.



The jokers are symbols of innovation and cunning in Ukraine’s fight for freedom. From the legendary Javelin to the drones that have changed the course of war, each card represents human ingenuity in the face of adversity.



The court cards are the faces of war heroes who have become legends. Each image, whether concrete or abstract, reveals a story behind each character, promising intrigues and exciting plots. Each card represents only a moment in each character’s narrative, but all are connected by a line that leads to a broader picture. In this way, the cards and a potential graphic novel that will be developed later complement each other, revealing the meaning behind each illustration.



Four completely different editions have been created, not only with beautiful foils of different colors on the cases, but also with different court cards with symmetrical (yellow and blue) and asymmetrical (khaki) representations, and a striking black edition that will be unlocked as a funding goal.



The printing will be done by NPCC (Noir Arts) in Ukraine, as it couldn’t be otherwise, so the quality of the materials, the profusely foiled tucks, the metallic inks, the embossing, and the finishes on the cases and the cards will be impressive.

But this campaign has a very special dimension that goes beyond the production and distribution of a deck of cards. By joining this initiative, backers have the unique opportunity to contribute directly to the spirits and morale of Ukrainian troops on the front lines. Through the option of donating decks to be sent to military units, sponsors are offering a tangible gesture of support and gratitude to those risking their lives for the freedom and security of their country. Additionally, each sponsor will receive a certificate documenting their contribution, providing a personal and meaningful link between the sponsor and the forces receiving their donation. This unique feature of the campaign not only strengthens the sense of community and solidarity among sponsors but also highlights the real and positive impact that seemingly small actions can have in times of crisis and conflict.



If you want to be part of this campaign, getting fabulous decks and, at the same time, offering a ray of hope and support to those fighting on the front lines, visit the project website  and raise your pledge. With your participation, you’ll be sending a message of solidarity and strength to the entire Ukrainian people.

Good luck!