IRON HORSE Playing Cards. In your place, I would get them, stranger!

By 1885, Frank Hokey, and his band of outlaws, were poised to be remembered with the likes of Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and the Dalton Brothers…

This is the beginning of a short story written by Ricky Cassford, who has been used by his friend Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards) as the inspiration for his new deck: THE IRON HORSE.

While keeping his personal designing style based on the engraving technique, Jody gives us this time his more mature work, with much more detailed illustrations full of strength and personality. Inspired by this difficult and fearsome world of gunmen in the Far West, the deck depicts detailed drawings in a beautiful Ace of Spades and in each and every one of the court cards whose characters have their own story to tell.



The jokers, as in previous decks, form a beautiful diptych with the scene of the assault of  the train, the beginning of the adventures of these dangerous outlaws.



Two different editions of the deck have been created for the campaign, with variations on back and tuck case, all printed by Legends Playing Card Company.

The Black Ink Edition will be in a tuck case whose front and back form a diptych (by placing two decks together) and will be printed on black paper with black and silver foil.



The Signature Edition will have an embossed tuck case with black and silver foil too. In addition, the decks will be numbered on the seal as it is a limited print-run of 1500.



As in previous campaigns, a special Signature Edition set with three decks, two Black Ink and one Signature, is offered in a special jacket limited to 500 units. You can also get a Black Ink deck in a Deluxe edition in a special slip case.



The campaign prices are quite reasonable and include international shipping. You have no excuse for not getting them so visit the project website and raise your pledge before the limited rewards are over. You will get the short story in pdf with most of the levels too.

Good luck!