ROMANTIC Playing Cards. Woman-shaped beauty and fantasy

Take a set of ingredients: fantasy, color, feminine beauty and some eroticism doses. If we mix it all with beautiful illustrations and turn it into playing cards, the name of the deck will be ROMANTIC.



The Romantic deck is a melting pot of inspiration depicting designs from the world of fantasy, RPG and video games, erotic illustrations and pinups. Because of this heterogeneous concept, it is not easy to find a direct relationship between the name of the deck and the beautiful drawings it contains, but the truth is that each card is a work of art.

Cards have a natural decoration background on which stand the custom pips and the beautiful ladies included in the court cards showing warriors, romantic and mysterious girls. Only one of the special cards, the so-called Dark Joker, is represented by a man. The aces are scenes full of mystery and fantasy with big nice stained glasses.





The deck will be printed by Make Playing Cards and there are a lot of stretch goals that include different variations of color for different editions and even the possibility of using MPC’s polymer technoilogy to print the deck with more texture.




The funding goal is almost achieved so enjoy the beauty of these cards and if you like them, raise your pledge in the project website.

Good luck!