DANCE OF DEATH Playing cards. A trilogy of monochromatic death

Hans Holbein the Younger was a German artist who masterfully commanded different expressions of pictorial art and printmaking. Known as one of the greatest portraitists of the 16th century, one of his most controversial works, of which he even had to conceal his authorship, was the series called “Dance of Death”, 51 xylographies (woodcuts) showing medieval allegorical drawings with sarcastic allusions to the Church of the time. Inspired by these works, Sergey Kostyuchenko has launched the second campaign of an interesting trilogy of decks: DANCE OF DEATH.



After successfully funding the first edition of the series, in this project, Sergey offers the second and third decks, in which the artist Eugenia Topchy has recreated Holbein’s illustrations giving them a special use in the deck. Each joker, court card and ace shows a different scene. In addition to the story that each card tells, it is possible to group them to create a great scenario where the characters interact as in a theatrical performance.



The designs are monochromatic, with a dismal and satirical appearance, in which mankind is subjected to the inexorable dance of death. The scenes are deep and full of meaning in a completely customized card set.

The two new editions (2nd and 3rd) are offered in the campaign along with the few remaining decks of the first edition. All of them have a limited print-run of 1000 units. All the designs in the three editions are different, from the numbered cards to the aces, jokers and court cards.



The decks will be printed by Cartamundi in a 300gsm Casino paper.

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Good luck!