ANONYM Playing Cards. The faces seen from the other side

Imagine the day when the characters of the court posed to be immortalized in the card faces. Everyone has a clear image of each of them, looking front or profile and holding flowers, weapons or other objects with their hands. However, have you ever wondered what they were doing behind the camera? This original and crazy idea is the inspiration for a new deck: ANONYM.

Anonym is inspired by the traditional design of the English cards of the mid-nineteenth century, a symmetrical schema that has lasted until today in the classic decks and that has been reinvented by many artists over the years. Vilheim Kruse (Card Rebels) wanted to literally turn over the designs of these cards and imagined how they would be seen from behind. A curious way to reinterpret the traditional cards giving free rein to his imagination.

Thus, some of the mysteries and curiosities are revealed, such as the appearance of the clothes of the queen of flowers or what happens with the sword of the “suicidal” king of hearts.



The essence of the classic deck has been respected in the designs, with white and clean backgrounds to make the deck completely playable. The indexes and colors match the original schema which gives the deck much more solidity in the concept.



Following also the traditional aesthetic, two editions with blue and red backs have been created and a stretch goal to print the “classic” versions in both colors has been set too. Imagine what these decks can make combined in a good card magic trick.



The printing will be done by the USPCC so the quality is guaranteed.

If you like the idea, help make it a reality pledging on the project website.

Good luck!