REGIUM Playing Cards. The most exquisite decks of European royalty

In 2015, Noir Arts (NPCC)) launched the first edition of Branle, one of their best and most successful productions, with more later editions like Royal Branle (2016) or Branle Tesoro (2017). Beautifully illustrated, the deck was inspired by a popular 16th century European dance. Six years later, Noir Arts is already a benchmark for refinement and quality in materials and finishes, and now they offer us two worthy successors to the series: REGIUM Playing Cards.

Inspired by the culture and history of the tumultuous 16th and 17th centuries, REGIUM decks have been delicately handillustrated by Ukrainian artists Denis Makanin and Lev Kushnirenko. Every corner of these playing cards is steeped in elements linked to the history of the time and its royal dynasties, with the artist’s own interpretation.

In this interpretation there are also two approaches that materialize in two different decks. The Classic Edition has a more modern touch, but highly elaborate. The designs are elegant and clean. The Antique Edition recalls an older style, more ornate and with elements worn by the passage of time.



Everything in these decks has been customized in a superb production full of details and elegance.

The court cards, aces, jokers and numbered cards are different in both decks. The color illustrations on light backgrounds of the Classic edition differ from the more austere style of the Antique edition.



As always happens with NPCC productions, the tuck cases are works of art in which the embossing and the bright foils turn these decks into striking pieces.



The project is widely funded so if you want to get these limited editions, you can visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!