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27 January

BRANLE TESORO Playing Cards. The refined double foiled luxury of the 16th century

Playing cards printers do not stop investigating in the search of alternatives to offer novel and surprising products. Embossing and foiled tuck cases and cards have already become powerful added values that large companies have made use of to sell more and more decks. New materials, finishes and extras go on surprising card fans. Noir Arts (NPCC) is a small printing company that has made great efforts to compete with “the big ones” though a constant investment in new techniques and…

12 December

ROYAL BRANLE Playing Cards. Beautifully illustrated and luxuriously presented

  Branle deck, one of the most beautiful productions by Noir Arts (NPCC), was recently released and it is now in playing cards collections all over the world. Now, Noir Arts has joined the beauty of the original designs and new techniques developed by the company in their new reissue ROYAL BRANLE.     Royal Branle keeps the original illustrations inspired by the refined sixteenth-century Europe and adds some features that make it more exclusive. The back of the cards will…

28 October

ROYAL HOUSE Playing Cards. The symbol of a delicate and intriguing ROSE

After becoming a reference in the playing cards design scenario with their series dedicated to the Day of the Dead, the Edgy brothers strike back with a completely new and different deck: ROYAL HOUSE.     In the European history, especially in England, the rose is one of the symbols more present in the dynastic shields of nobility linked to the royal houses. Inspired by these stories of kings and nobles, mixing the elegance of wealth with the intrigue of betrayal, the…

29 May

Branle Playing Cards. Beauty and French refinement of the 16th century

  The 16th century, a turbulent period full of wars and conquests, is also the origin, in France, of a popular plebeian dance called Branle. Spreaded to the rest of Europe and seed of other dances, it is performed in pairs or groups forming lines or circles and it is the inspiration for the latest creation by Noir Arts: BRANLE Playing Cards. Although I could speak about a traditional inspiration, delicate and detailed illustrations and an impressive staging, I am…