Branle Playing Cards. Beauty and French refinement of the 16th century


The 16th century, a turbulent period full of wars and conquests, is also the origin, in France, of a popular plebeian dance called Branle. Spreaded to the rest of Europe and seed of other dances, it is performed in pairs or groups forming lines or circles and it is the inspiration for the latest creation by Noir Arts: BRANLE Playing Cards.

Although I could speak about a traditional inspiration, delicate and detailed illustrations and an impressive staging, I am sure that the mere contemplation of a few cards in this deck will be more than enough to convince you that this is one of the most beautiful contemporary creations on playing cards.



Exquisite and delicate, the court cards feature characters with different outfits that evoke different European countries with an unlimited amount of details and a refined quality in the drawings.



Only 1000 decks will printed by NPCC with all their technology in the service of the details, with numbered seals and a tuck case full of extras to be unlocked as the funding raises (embossing, interior design, metal foil, …).



Also, if you’re a backer of Asylum, you can get Branle with an additional discount.

All tiers are limited so visit the project website and choose yours before it is sold out.

Good luck!