LOCK-N-LOAD Playing Cards. The second amendment turns 230

In 1971, several amendments were added to the United States Constitution. Among all, one of the best known (and also controversial) was the second one, which gave the right to keep and bear arms to citizens. A symbol of freedom for some, a dangerous tool for others, the second amendment turns 230 next year and Dmitrii Lebedev (Rattle Shuttle) has decided to pay tribute to it with a new deck: LOCK-N-LOAD.



Apart from the political or social considerations of his inspiration, the artist wanted to make reference to the history of the United States through its firearms. In this way, and with the use of the vintage look of the engraving style to reinforce that historical vocation, the traditional court cards have been replaced by symmetrical illustrations with detailed studies of different guns.



The back is inspired by the flag of Gadsden, designed in 1775 and symbol of the revolution and the libertarian movement. You can see the rattlesnake rolled in a defensive position and flanked by the motto “Don’t treat on me ” all framed by natural elements.



Two editions have been created with the same cards and different tucks in brown and gray, which include embossing and gold and silver foils. The cards will be printed on high quality 310gsm stock German black core paper with premium linen.

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