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Diamonback Playing Cards. Casino inspiration with a simple, fresh and original design

Dmitrii Lebedev (Rattle Shuttle) has already achieved a place in the world of card creation on his own merits. Following his success with the Invasion and Lock-n-Load decks, Dmitrii returns to his roots with the remastered re-release of the first of his creations: DIAMONDBACK. In this deck the artist sets aside his elaborate and detailed […]


LOCK-N-LOAD Playing Cards. The second amendment turns 230

In 1971, several amendments were added to the United States Constitution. Among all, one of the best known (and also controversial) was the second one, which gave the right to keep and bear arms to citizens. A symbol of freedom for some, a dangerous tool for others, the second amendment turns 230 next year and […]


INVASION BLOOD Playing Cards. Alien invasion has already begun

Late 2018, I talked about the Invasion deck, created by Dmitrii Lebedev with his son Nikita, an experienced cardist. The campaign was succesfully funded but unfortunately they couldn’t unlock the second edition that has just been released: INVASION BLOOD.     The inspiration for the design comes from an imaginary UFO sighting, lived by the […]


INVASION Playing Cards. Alien tribes conquer our planet

Dmitrii Lebedev is a Russian designer based in the United States who, together with his son Nikita, an experienced cardist, has just launched his first work: INVASION. The inspiration for the design comes from an imaginary UFO sighting, lived by the creators themselves, in which they found a card containing the information necessary to recreate […]