Diamonback Playing Cards. Casino inspiration with a simple, fresh and original design

Dmitrii Lebedev (Rattle Shuttle) has already achieved a place in the world of card creation on his own merits. Following his success with the Invasion and Lock-n-Load decks, Dmitrii returns to his roots with the remastered re-release of the first of his creations: DIAMONDBACK.

In this deck the artist sets aside his elaborate and detailed style based on history or science fiction to offer playing cards inspired by casino decks.



Maintaining a classic aesthetic, Diamonback playing cards are a fresh proposal with original aspects regarding the traditional structure.

The court cards are different, with a simple design and classic colors. A mixture of clearness and originality that does not prevent the cards from being perfectly recognizable.



The indexes and pips have been redesigned with small nods to elements traditionally linked to the casino game such as dice, poker chips or roulette.



The backs feature patterns inspired by traditional casino decks decorated with a small diamond in a symmetrical borderless structure.



The deck will be printed in the two classic colors: red and blue.

Additionally, as a stretch goal, two stylish collector’s editions will be created in black and rose gold, with bordered backs and beautiful embossed cases.



Satisfied with the result of his previous campaign with WPJC, the Chinese printer will be in charge of producing these decks with a thinner crushed paper and metallic inks.

Enjoy poker (or any other game) nights with your friends or just complete your collection. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!