INVASION Playing Cards. Alien tribes conquer our planet

Dmitrii Lebedev is a Russian designer based in the United States who, together with his son Nikita, an experienced cardist, has just launched his first work: INVASION.

The inspiration for the design comes from an imaginary UFO sighting, lived by the creators themselves, in which they found a card containing the information necessary to recreate in a deck the identities of the alien races that seek to conquer our planet.



These four races, Peekians, Boobians, Threphians, and Zervians, are depicted in the court cards of the four suits. Alien Kings, queens and soldiers show their less friendly face, the face of the invader, in flat color compositions with simple lines but quite detailed.



The numbered cards are especially original, with very futuristic layout and design. They use a special Zerbians’ numeric system, something the artist is thinking about to translate into human numbering to keep the playability of the deck. That’s why he launched a survey :)  The aces are large and the back shows a nice composition in blue.



The tuck case, also in blue tones, will be embossed and foiled, as well as an interior printing full of interstellar secrets.



The deck will be printed by Legends and a red edition (Blood Edition) and many case upgrades will be unlocked as stretch goals.



If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!