NOUVEAU BIJOUX Playing Cards. A real jewel from the Art Nouveau

One year ago, two good friends of Max Playing Cards, Karin Yan (Bona Fide Playing Cards) and Mike Ratledge (United Cardists), joint their efforts, art and wisdom to produce the beautiful Nouveau Playing Cards. After that, Karin decided to create a new edition of Nouveau with important changes: NOUVEAU BIJOUX.

Although NOUVEAU BIJOUX keeps the essence of the original decks, with an artwork inspired by the original Rouen designs for the very first French playing cards and their historical and mythological characters, this new deck uses also an style that takes inspiration from the intricate designs based in the natural shapes for the Art Nouveau jewelry.




But don’t be carried along by the “Redux” thing. There is a huge work behind this new artwork where tuck, back, aces and pips have been completely redesigned and where the court cards have been also customized with the jewelry idea.




Apart from the Bijoux deck, another edition called Nouveau Perle will be unlocked with funds enough. This edition will have the same artwork but printed on blue stock with a sweet combination of soft colors to contrast with the colorful twin. Both decks will be printed by the Expert Playing Card Company as they did a great job with the original decks.


NouveauBijoux_Perle_box NouveauBijoux_Perle_cards


If you like these beautiful designs, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!