Borderline Playing Cards. A deck to join cultures and break boundaries


San Diego and Tijuana share a common metropolitan area divided by an international boundary line between the U.S. and Mexico known in Spanish as “el borde“. That borderline, crossed each day by hundreds of people, mostly Mexicans working in the U.S., is full of stories, some of them quite shocking.

Inspired by such a special blend of cultures, Traina Designs brings us a new deck: BorderLine.

This deck won a self-promotional award at the 2014 San Diego American Advertising Awards and its design incorporates elements from both cultures depicting in each court card and joker, a pair of contrasting characters and the card name in both languages ??(English and Spanish) , from bikers to luchadores going through starlets and sheriffs.

The tuck case has a very elaborate design with copper foil and embossing. The deck, fully customized, will be printed by the USPCC.

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¡Buena suerte, amigos!