Metropol NOX deck. Fluorescent and LUXurious minimalism


If you want to see something different, come and have a look to this deck: Metropol Nox.

Mike Lamber designed this deck trying to give the poker cards a twist of modernity and minimalism. He states that this deck will appeal to all the cardistry community, players, magicians and collectors.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC in Bicycle stock. Each suit has a different fluorescent color and the contrast with the black background is maximum.

Mike has told me he is preparing some stretch goals and will give the backers the opportunity to decide about their preference on them. These stretch goals include a custom seal, upgrade finish, embossed tuck case and even a companion deck to NOX: LUX, a that will feature 2 coloured suits and metallic ink.



You can get more info and raise your pledge on the project website.

Good luck!