IMPRESSIONS FOIL FEMME decks. Feminine inspiration with metal shine and embossing

Make Playing Cards is already a reference in the world of card designers. Many creators have entrusted to MPC the printing of their prototypes and decks, making it one of the leading companies engaged in the printing of cards. But MPC is also known for their technology, which has shaken up the sector. After Impressions and Impressions Foil decks, MPC has demonstrate to be capable of stepping beyond card printing with the use of a polymer technology that allows embossing and metal foil.




There are still few cards that have used (in big amounts) this technology (perhaps due to the cost), but MPC has continued working to provide their potential customers with better quality and variety. Now, they have expanded their range of Impressions Foil colors with two elegant and beautiful designs inspired by femininity: IMPRESSIONS FOIL FEMME.




Femme decks are basically the blend of the glossy UV spot embossing and metallic printing methods from the previous campaign and the use of pastel colors with a more romantic and lovely touch. Pastel pink and mint have been the choice for this decks, and I have to admit they are nice.




The tuck box is as impressive as the deck itself, using the same technology with that shiny metallic finish.




Of course, inspired by femininity doesn’t necessarily mean made for women, although they will be probably feel more attracted by this colors. After all … don’t we all have a feminine side?




If you enjoyed the previous MPC decks, you want to begin your collection, or you just want something different to play, do not hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!