New decks by ART OF PLAY. The elegant tradition and freshness in playing cards design

ART OF PLAY has been offering along last month several new and amazing releases. Here you have three of the most interesting ones.



Since its creation in 2012 as a collaboration between Dan and Dave and illustrator Dan Phillips, Ace Fulton’s Casino decks have already become a classic by Art Of Play. There exist multiple editions and colors of this elegant deck with traditional vibes.

Inspired by Las Vegas casino cards, Ace Fulton’s designs combine a retro style with a modern finish. This new edition has a black background in the back with contrasting designs in pink. The court cards use an Arrco-like traditional pattern.

The matte black tuck case with typographic embossed details and pale rose designs is closed with a pink seal that gives the deck an elegant and refined look.



Printed by the USPCC in the Art of Play’s trademark thin-stock preferred by cardists. Get it in Art Of Play.





This deck has been produced by Art Of Play in collaboration with Zoma Wellness, a brand created in 2016 whose objective is to market high quality, organic and ethical cannabis.

The designs keep the traditional structure in court and numbered cards. The back, ace of spades and jokers have been beautifully illustrated by the Pavement Design studio in San Francisco using an interesting inspiration where female beauty is combined with natural elements.

The tuck case is very beautiful and elaborate, with black stock and the same illustrations, in a combination of non-ink embossed designs and gold foil.


Printed by the USPCC on sustainable paper with ecological ink, you can get this beautiful deck in Art Of Play.






Manosanta is a Mexican group of young cardistry fans. In collaboration with them, AoP offers us the ALPHABET deck, a somewhat crazy proposal in which not only the faces but also the backs are different each other.

In the 56 cards of this deck you can find cards with standard faces, custom aces, extra cards and a colorful selection of backs with metallic blue background and white letters in which different words are highlighted with red strokes.


It is a very fun deck that will delight cardists from around the world.



Printed by the USPCC in a limited run of 2,500 decks, it uses the thin-stock preferred by cardists. Get it at Art Of Play.




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Enjoy your cards … but with art!