MAGISTRATE Playing cards. Justice in RED

After a successfully funded campaign, Jason Troiano has decide to launch his second project to make real the deck he couldn’t reach to in the previous one: MAGISTRATE RED.

Jason’s passion for playing cards, design and magic worlds keeps his illusion to produce high-quality cards completely on. Thus, and having in mind his combination with his job as Chief Magistrate, he strikes back with this deck inspired by the legal theme, this time in red, to complement his first release.



Being a deck designed for players and magicians, the design keeps the traditional faces. Jokers show scales and the the ace of spades has been customized with an illustration of the Lady of Justice. Some slight aesthetic changes have also been made in indexes and pips, keeping them completely recognizable.



The back is made with judge’s mallets and scales in a symmetrical composition and the tuck case uses the same design elements as the ace and the back.



The campaign also opens its arms to collectors since Jason decided to create a special deck with custom court cards: the Constitution edition. This edition will be limited and numbered with a special tuck case and can only be obtained as add-on or as a gift in certain tiers.

To complete the campaign with a more collectible object, Jason has created the ELECTION edition, with a black tuck case with gold foil. This edition will also include new custom ace of spades and jokers and a hand numbered in a very limited print-run.



The court cards will be the same as in the red deck but without the yellow color.



Backers will be able to vote to choose the black card back design between the same as the other decks or a somewhat more classic borderless back with a geometric pattern.



If the funding goal to print them with the USPCC is not achieved, it will be Shuffle Ink, a printing company based in Orlando, Florida, who will do it on high quality paper with linen finish.

The campaign is underway so you can visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!