CARDISTRY CLUB Playing Cards. Dozens of different decks for all cardistry fans

David Goldklang (Vanda Cards) has produced a good number of decks over the past few years. Now he is facing one of his most ambitious projects: CARDISTRY CLUB.

With this name, an idea that goes far beyond a card project is presented. Starting from the exponential worldwide growth of the cardistry movement, David wants to create a new community around the playing cards design in which cardistry fans can have new and varied decks on a monthly basis and, at the same time, be active part in the release of new and future creations.

The campaign offers an initial pack of 12 decks (volume one) that will be printed and sent later this year. These 12 decks depict completely different design elements with a mostly minimalist and geometric atmosphere. All decks have been completely customized in faces and backs.



In addition to getting this lot of cards, the campaign offers the possibility of being part of the Cardistry Club for the next year 2020. Through this option (in specific tiers), the backer will receive a different deck each month (up to a total of twelve). Furthermore, as a club member, additional advantages will be offered (special prices on other products, voting on new designs, creation of your own deck, …).

One of the priority aspects of the project is offering the cards with a reasonable price, even taking into account those backers from outside the United States. So, the montlhy basic subscription of one deck will be $17 ($12 for US members) and different options to combine decks and save in shipping will be offered.



You can choose from one deck to a full set of 24 (12+12 of both volumes ONE and TWO) with interesting discounts. The cards will be printed by the United States Playing Card company (USPCC) with a minimum print run of 2500 decks.

No doubt an ambitious project and full of novelties and stimulating designs. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!