MASCHERATA cards. The deck that looks at us behind the mask.

Emmanuel Valtierra‘s designs have always been linked to an interesting interpretation of ancestral cultures and folklore. After Demonologie and Angelologie, he has just launched a third deck with some elements in common: MASCHERATA.

MASCHERATA is inspired by old illustrations of masks and modern renaissance style disguises. The engraved hand-colored design style of the two previous decks is also present in this one.



The court cards are decorated with carefully chosen masks (female and male masks for queens and kings and animals for jacks).



The faces have been completely customized including pips and indexes. The back is green, to give continuity to the series (the two previous decks had red and blue backs).



Like its predecessors, Mascherata will be printed by Legends Playing Cards in a very limited print run.



If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge. You can also get some of the latest available units of Demonologie and Angelologie.

Good luck!