Whispering Imps Limited Edition Gamesters. Silver and Gold foil on backs


During the recent campaign of Whispering Imps Gamesters Edition, Chris Chelko considered the possibility of offering as add-ons two new limited edition decks: Whispering Imps Limited Edition Gamester.

Finally, to be fair with everyone, decided to create a new (and fast) campaign for these decks and he has just launched it. These decks include something EPCC made for the very first time in some exclusive decks: foil stamping in gold and silver directly into the back of the cards.



Limited Editions (black/gold and red/silver) are, therefore, improvements of the standard editions with a print run of only 1,000 units.

The campaign, in only 5 days, offers the cards with simple pledge levels being one of them, the most spectacular, the one which allows 10 lucky backers to get a set of the “Private Reserve”, cards really difficult to find.

IF you want to get your cards, hurry up because they are running out fast. Visit the project website and make your pledge.

Good luck!