WARRIOR WOMEN Playing Cards. Warring female power

A young and passionate trio of friends joint in Headless Kings to offer us entertainment products with interesting stories… the perfect setting for a new deck: WARRIOR WOMEN.

In a long and complex process in which civilized society begins to give women their rightful place, this deck pays tribute to women who, throughout history, knew how to transcend their gender against society and become leaders of bloody battles. Brave (sometimes fearsome) women who stood out in wars at different historical moments and places are depicted in the court cards with a unique style and an almost monochromatic but detailed and captivating color scheme.



All cards have been customized, including suits and indexes, with original artwork and beautiful designs on aces and numbered cards. Jokers display armors as symbols of glory and honor.



The tuck case is without a doubt a magnificent work of art with embossing and three foils in gold, silver and red. The design combines traditional elements and elaborate patterns with a very elegant style.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC and some interesting stretch goals have been created such as 2 additional jokers, metallic inks, inner foil in the tuck case or a custom gold seal.



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Good luck!