Bicycle Black Tie deck: the classy Bicycle playing cards. Exclusive image


One more Bicycle deck has been just released through KickStarter. It is the Bicycle Black Tie deck, a new elegant fashion design that brings us an interesting point of view of the classical bicycle deck.

The creator, Jorge Alvarez, has redesigned the classic Bicycle deck (using a new redesigned maiden back too) offering a classy and elegant black and white deck.



Made by USPCC on Bicycle stock and magic finish, the deck will have custom court cards and ace of spades, joker reveal and gaff cards to make happy all magicians, players and collectors.


So, you will have a nice deck to carry with you to any fancy event! :)

Let’s help Jorge to get this deck printed so we all will enjoy it. Good luck!


I am proud to show you the next card to be revealed on Kickstarter so only Max Playing Cards’ readers will see it before the rest of the world. It is the King of Diamonds and it is as elegant as the whole deck.

Enjoy it and have a look to all pledge levels for the extra limited items (art prints, pin, case) and any future update as there will be new rewards and surprises for sure.