Defunctorum Playing Cards by NOIR Arts. The dead wearing gold and silver


Life and death have been the theme for a lot of playing cards along last months, specially from the Day of the Dead point of view. This time, we have a new and different proposal: Defunctorum.

Although it could remind us something we saw before, the design of these decks,  created by Roman Kotiv and produced by NOIR Arts, is original and deep. There is a high detail on every customized card, including the new pips and the disturbing masks in the court cards. All in the deck has been designed thinking on metallic inks, that is what these cards will be printed with.

The project offers two editions: NOX and DIES (night and day in Latin). NOX has a gold ink design over a black background while DIES has silver over a white background. The combination is really interesting.

About the printer, NOIR Art has partnered with a big printing company in Europe, UKRPOL, not only to print their decks, but also to be part of the company and offer specialized services to print playing cards. That means Noir Arts has become the playing cards branch of a big European company. This adds a new business challenge to Noir Art.

The project is already funded and there are some stretch goals that will improve some features of the deck like the foil or the embossing in the tuck box. Have a look to the images and visit the project website if you like it to make pledge.

Good luck!