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09 March

ODE TO LA CATRINA Playing Cards. The resurrection of beautiful and dead Mexican girls

Disturbingly beautiful, La Catrina or Calabaza Garbancera is already an icon of the famous Day of the Dead celebration. Created by Jose Guadalupe Posada, one of the most popular and inspiring Mexican illustrators and engravers, his work is part of the traditional Mexican folklore. Although there are already many decks dedicated to the Mexican Day of the Dead, Noir Arts has just launched two awesome decks inspired by this nice girl: THE ODE TO LA CATRINA. With this production, Noir Arts recovers the original designs…

09 October

LA CATRINA DEAD EDITION Playing Cards. This beautiful girls are not alive anymore

After completing their first project about La Catrina, Joc Fora, a young Spanish company dedicated to design and audiovisual creation, launch their second deck: LA CATRINA DEAD EDITION. If the first deck was inspired by the illustrations of the famous Jose Guadalupe Posada, this new edition is much more mysterious and disturbing. The essential aesthetic elements are red roses and skeletal bodies, unmistakable symbols of traditional Mexican imagery. These new designs are less linear and symbolic with richly detailed illustrations….

30 November

Defunctorum Cruor Playing Cards. The deck with metallic blood

  Do you remember the Defunctorum decks created by by Roman Kotiv (NOIR Arts) and inspired by the Day of the Dead? Well, the project was such a success that had a sequel in a second project that offers a new variation of the deck: Defunctorum Cruor. Cruor (Bloody) is the perfect complement to its sisters Nox and Dies. The deck shares their design but uses gold, silver and red metallic inks creating a much more disturbing atmosphere and a very impressive result….

31 October

Arcanum Playing Cards. The link between life and death

  Something different and dark. This is ARCANUM. Arcanum is a deck of cards designed by Alex Vovk and Vladimir Kuksin, both partners of Tortoise Design Studio, based in Ukraine, Kiev. This is their very first project of playing cards and it has been launched through Kickstarter and produced by  Gambler’s Warehouse. Despite of the apparent sinister aspect of the images, the inspiration of the deck is really positive. Their belief: “Remembering our roots – we are still human beings”. They want…

26 October

Defunctorum Playing Cards by NOIR Arts. The dead wearing gold and silver

  Life and death have been the theme for a lot of playing cards along last months, specially from the Day of the Dead point of view. This time, we have a new and different proposal: Defunctorum. Although it could remind us something we saw before, the design of these decks,  created by Roman Kotiv and produced by NOIR Arts, is original and deep. There is a high detail on every customized card, including the new pips and the disturbing masks…