ODE TO LA CATRINA Playing Cards. The resurrection of beautiful and dead Mexican girls

Disturbingly beautiful, La Catrina or Calabaza Garbancera is already an icon of the famous Day of the Dead celebration. Created by Jose Guadalupe Posada, one of the most popular and inspiring Mexican illustrators and engravers, his work is part of the traditional Mexican folklore. Although there are already many decks dedicated to the Mexican Day of the Dead, Noir Arts has just launched two awesome decks inspired by this nice girl: THE ODE TO LA CATRINA.

With this production, Noir Arts recovers the original designs of this deck that had an unfortunate end in Kickstarter and whose designer, just another victim of that debacle, has decided to give the illustrations a new opportunity to create two completely new decks with good quality and spectacular finishes. Once again, Noir Arts demonstrate their commitment to creators and backers who have been the victims of deception by unscrupulous creators (as already happened with the Asylum project) and tries to recover talented designs to make quality decks real.

Death virgins decorate the court cards in a symmetrical classic pattern in which jacks, queens and kings share the same pose (for better identification) but their colors and costumes make them unique among the others. The numbered cards, although customized, keep their playability so the deck is perfect not only for collection but also for playing and cardistry.

In VIVAS, the ornate facial makeup is present in all the cards from the nice aces to the static characters in the court cards adorned with red roses and the card back with a geometric formation of skulls and flowersJokers are the only male characters in the deck, represented by skulls with the typical Mexican and huge hat.



In MUERTAS, the essential aesthetic elements are red roses and skeletal bodies, unmistakable symbols of traditional Mexican imagery. These designs are less linear and symbolic with richly detailed illustrationsAces are red and black roses shaped with the traditional suits. A back formed by an elaborate composition of golden roses complete the interesting design of these cards.



Printed by NPCC in a limited edition of 1000 units of each deck, the tuck cases are a real work of art, with deep embossing and metallic foils. The finishes will be luxurious, with metallic inks, custom seals and interesting stretch goals such as double sleeves, inner printing, extra cards or a stripped edition of the deck for card magic.



The campaign is already funded so do not hesitate, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!