Bicycle “Día de los muertos” decks. Mexican art and tradition


Edgy Brothers is a new company that believes in designs that celebrate the art in our lives. They are introducing its first playing cards project: El Día de los Muertos.

El Día de los Muertos decks are based on the popular mexican tradition (Day of the Dead) that blends the mistic, the culture and the spiritual.



The design, made by David Edgerly, the man behind the Edgar Allan Poe deck, mixes the colorful aspects of the fiesta with the black details over a parchment background of the deeper tradition and historic atmosphere.



There will be three editions for the deck, all completely different: the standard deck, the black deck and the painted deck. They three depend on stretch funding goals, although having in mind the fantastic take off I am almost sure they will be printed.



They have already achieved a great success with a very fast funding but there are a lot of surprises still pending to be funded so let’s have a look to them and let’s try to make it happen.



I feel specially excited about this deck, not only because of the links between Mexican and Spanish traditions and culture but also because Chris and David are kind and talented guys that deserve a fantastic success on this and future project.

Visit the project website and raise your pledge to see all these decks printed.

Good luck!


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