Wizard of Oz Playing Cards. Go Emerald City to see these marvelous decks


LUX Playing Cards has strongly burst onto the playing cards production scenario. After the success of their two previous campaigns, Illusionist and Aves, they launch a new campaign full of illusion and fantasy: Wizard of Oz.

Inspired by the popular work of L. Frank Baum, this deck has an absolutely spectacular design made by the Dutch artist Suzanne van Pelt, specialized in fantasy art.

The illustrations for the cards are really beautiful and have a very personal style and vision of the characters. The court cards have been carefully selected to include the most charismatic characters in the novel, from the villains represented in the spades by the Wicked Witch of the West and her Flying Monkeys, to Dorothy and the endearing friends who accompanied her on the exciting trip to Emerald City. All the designs are delicate and exquisite, and almost a year has been invested in the whole creation process.

The project offers something new about printing.  Two editions will be made. One, the Wizard of Oz Edition, will be printed by USPCC in Bicycle stock (unbranded) and the other, The Emerald City Edition, will be printed by Make Playing Cards using their new embossing technology for the back. This is therefore the first custom deck that will include this new technology since MPC launched their Impressions project.

You can’t miss this deck. Enjoy the images and designs and visit the project website to raise your pledge.

Good luck!