GAIA Playing cards. The most natural beauty

Mother Earth, Nature and the ability to self-regulate and remain immutable (despite our constant attempts to destroy it) is the inspiration for this beautiful deck: GAIA.



The idea of life on our planet as something that co-evolves with the environment to maintain the balance was interpreted by James Lovelock in 1969 through his GAIA hypothesis. This connection between the elements of nature is the source of inspiration for a talented young English artist, Ben Sinclair, who has made, with this beautiful original artwork, his own interpretation of our planet through the different biomes or bioclimatic environments, distributed in the four suits: the rainforest, the savanna, the alpine and the tundra. The aces represent each of the biomes and the court cards have an asymmetrical design that shows two different poses of each animal. Two funny chimpanzees are depicted in the jokers.



The earth is also present in a brown color back with quite complex organic shapes.



For the tuck-case, a natural panorama design has been chosen surrounding it completely.



The deck has been produced by Forge Arts, a subsidiary of the fantastic, the perfect place for card fans to find that deck they’ve been looking for a long time.

GAIA will be printed by the USPCC. In addition, there will also be a second edition, Moonlight, where the tuck case, back and a jokers have been redesigned. Furthermore, an exclusive and numbered seal in a limited edition of 500 will be created for the campaign backers of Moonlight.



You can also get nice add-ons like a beautiful coin, special decorated boxes for 6 or 12 decks, uncuts and signed prints.



Not to be missed. Beauty and quality in a deck that reminds us of our commitment to our planet. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!