VIZAĜO Playing Cards. Fill your face with joy and color

A few months ago I had the opportunity to talk to Annette Abolins. It was a pleasant discovery not only artistic but personal, since I found some of those human beings that really worth knowing. At that time I talked about her creations and her projects. The latest one has just been launched: VIZAĜO.

Vizaĝo is the Esperanto word for “face” and that’s exactly the inspiration for the designs. Annette is fascinated by faces and she have drawn them almost anywhere, specially in teapots, mugs and bowls. Getting the name from a language created to connect the humanity is another sign of the artist’s positive spirit.

Almost a year ago, and after her positive experience in creating playing cards, she began a design adventure inspired by these colorful faces. Each suit has its own palette, which is closely inspired by the meaning and element associated with the suits: love & emotion of hearts (red), creativity & fire of clubs (yellow), wealth & earth of diamonds (green) and wisdom & air of spades (blue).



The color explosion in the court cards is a reflection of the custom designs for all faces, with a big strength and captivating presence. The aces connect the court with the numbered cards through the color combinations for each suit. Both jokers represent amusing characters that agglutinate the color schemes of the black and red suits respectively.



For the campaign, Annette has created two decks, with the same faces and different backs and tuck cases. The first one, Lumina, in red, will be offered as the main deck of the project. Another version, Lumino, in blue, will be a stretch goal. Furthermore, with enough funding, Annette will make something really original: inner printing with foil, something more commonly used in the front of the tuck case.



The decks will be printed by Legends Playing Card Company using their Classic finish, and the distribution will be made by Gambler’s, something that has already become a synonym of relief, especially for international backers.

I wish Annette the biggest success for this deck. I know you like it so visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!