COTTA’s ALMANAC # 6 Playing Cards. The transformation deck series is complete

More than a year after launching the first deck, this series comes to an end with COTTA’S ALMANAC #6: KNIGTHLY ORDERS. This is the sixth volume in this series of transformation decks produced by Will Roya ( A project that stems from painstaking research on transformation cards and their origins coupled with Will’s interest in rescuing […]

BICYCLE STILL LIFE Playing Cards. Vegetable art

Fruits and vegetables strategically placed to simulate human portraits. This is the artistic base of this new deck: BICYCLE STILL LIFE. The designs are inspired by the works of the great Giuseppe Arcimboldo who, since the 16th century, has managed to outwit the viewer’s senses with his portraits made of flowers, fruits, plants, animals and […]

BICYCLE BUTTERFLY Playing Cards. Our decks finally got wings

Ants, dragonflies, ladybugs, bees and caterpillars have plagued our cards over the last few months thanks to this series of decks by Will Roya ( in collbaration witht eh designer Artur Rajch . This time, the most beautiful flying bugs will be the ones that entertain our poker nights or our card magic sessions: BICYCLE […]

RESILIENCE ELEGANCE Playing Cards. The classic etiquette

After releasing his Resilience MOD deck with an interesting marking system, Alberto Ruano has just launched his new project: ELEGANCE. True to his elegant style, this tireless Spanish magician, passionate about the classics, wanted to offer a new edition, with the distinction of its predecessor but with a more functional focus. Elegance is, therefore, an […]

BICYCLE RETRO ROCKET Playing Cards. A nostalgic look at space travel

Continuing with their monthly releases, Penguin Magic friends present their new own production: BICYCLE RETRO ROCKER. Drawings by Douglas Fuchs illustrate these cards inspired by space travel and man’s desire to colonize the universe. The designs are simple and cartoonish, with monochrome color schemes and soft shapes to give the whole a very effective retro […]