REGIUM Playing Cards. The most exquisite decks of European royalty

In 2015, Noir Arts (NPCC)) launched the first edition of Branle, one of their best and most successful productions, with more later editions like Royal Branle (2016) or Branle Tesoro (2017). Beautifully illustrated, the deck was inspired by a popular 16th century European dance. Six years later, Noir Arts is already a benchmark for refinement […]

BICYCLE PROJECT K-9 HERO Playing Cards. Man’s (and collector’s) best friend

Sometimes chance puts interesting proposals in your way that go far beyond a simple deck. I had the opportunity to meet Jason Johnson a few days ago, a security expert who has long worked with some very special heroes: dogs. For years he has led and advised canine teams in the most varied and dangerous […]

The Crossed Keys Society Playing Cards. Welcome to our luxurious hotel full of decks

One of the best critically rated films in 2014 was “The Grand Budapest Hotel“, written and directed by Wes Anderson and featuring a long cast of high-level actors and actresses. In one of its parts, the Society of the Crossed Keys is mentioned, a fraternity of European hotel concierges created to help those in need […]

BICYCLE ILLUSORIUM Playing Cards. An elegantly surreal deck

Inaugurated with Evolve and confirmed with Royale, the Signature collection by  Elite Playing Cards continues to perpetuate the success of this consolidated company due to its expertise in playing card design with luxury and quality as its main hallmarks. Now they offer us a new and awesome creation: BICYCLE ILLUSORIUM. This deck is a new […]

BICYCLE MATADOR Playing Cards. An unequal fight between man and bull

A show full of passion and beauty for some, a senseless bloody slaughter for others, the bullfight is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and well-known in the world. Born in Spain at the end of the 18th century, bullfighting has forged an important part of the art and culture of the Iberian […]