THE LORD OF THE RINGS Vol. 1 Playing Cards. An epic story for an epic project

If at this point you still do not know the latest and most successful crowdfunding campaign, there is still time: THE LORD OF THE RINGS vol.1. With more than half a million dollars raised, this campaign by Jackson Robinson (Kings Wild Project) is already part of the TOP 5 in the history of the most […]

LEGIONARY Playing Cards. You won’t need to fight in the arena to get these beautiful decks

Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards) is a good friend of Max Playing Cards and one of those designers whose work is highly anticipated by all playing card fans because it is a guarantee of graphic quality and creative talent. His latest work is LEGIONARY. LEGIONARY is inspired by the great Roman Empire and some of […]

CAMPING Playing Cards. Let’s go out, play, eat and drink in nature

Two years after his latest production, Kira, Sven Philipp ( has just launched a new crowdfunding campaign: CAMPING. Camping has a fresh air, like what it represents: leisure, freedom, family and play. With this good vibes in mind, the deck has been illustrated by Ade Santora using elements typical of life in freedom under a […]

BICYCLE SCORPION Playing Cards. If this deck bites you, you will be out of the game

We haven’t seen any new bugs from Will Roya ( in over five months. The new deck designed by Artur Rajch is here, this time with some more scaring creatures: BICYCLE SCORPION. The scorpion is an arthropod, a relative of insects, feared and revered by different cultures, which stars in the eighth deck of a […]

THE MAGICIANS Playing Cards. Much more than game, much more than magic

Magic and card collecting are two sides of the same prism through which we can find fascinating stories. Many collectors I know have come to cards through their love for magic. I myself got there because of my clumsiness with card tricks that, despite the frustration, gave me awesome moments, some of which I have […]