SUCCULENTS Playing Cards. A deck that do not require any watering

  SUCCULENT (noun): a plant such as a cactus in which the leaves and stem are thick and can store a lot of water     Penguin Magic goes on releasing interesting cards with different inspiration to delight magicians, players and collectors. Their new deck is SUCCULENTS. This deck is inspired by the vegetable kingdom […]

BICYCLE LUXURY KEYS. The key to a different card magic

Magic and playing cards are inextricably linked, but there are not so many magicians who show the courage to create their own deck and thus get out of that traditional and erroneous idea that custom playing cards are not good for card magic. Since I created Max Playing Cards I have pursued this complicated goal […]

BICYCLE DRAGONFLY Playing Cards. The third insect that populates our decks

In a new direct release, Will Roya ( offers us, in a new collaboration with Artur Rajch, a pair of custom decks: BICYCLE DRAGONFLY. Following the launch of Beekeeper and Ladybug, this deck continues the series inspired by the world of insects, with soft color schemes and natural designs, this time with the dragonfly.     […]

PROFESSOR TATE’S TRAVELING ROAD SHOW Playing Cards. Get caught up in a unique performance

A traveling show and some beautiful girls that will captivate you, this is the Professor Tate’s spectacle, and this is how it has been immortalized in this cool deck: PROFESSOR TATE’S TRAVELING ROAD SHOW. Legend has it that this show appeared in any corner of the world and delighted spectators with a unique and different […]

Openhearted Max Playing Cards. The most complete interview

Throughout all these years immersed in the the world of playing cards, I have had the opportunity to meet many people and interview, in a more or less formal way, some of them to investigate a little more about the human beings behind a logo , a brand or a design. However, it is the […]