DIVERGENT REALMS Playing Cards Vol. 1: GOTTLIEB. World control through mind control

More than a year ago he surprised us with an original vision of Greek mythology in Primordial. Now, Costa Pantazis insists on demonstrating his passion and talent on creating playing cards with more than a new deck, actually, a new series: DIVERGENT REALMS: VOL 1 – GOTTLIEB. Costa teams up again with Charles Adi (Blackout Brother) in […]

TIME IS MAGIC Playing Cards. Time magically flies before your very eyes

Gary Sumpter is a passionate magician who has made magic his way of life for three decades. Based in Essex (UK) he has designed, produced and sold a huge amount of magic items in his online store Ace Magic Studio. Now, Gary wants to convey his passion for card magic to us through these interesting […]

COTTA’s ALMANAC #2 Playing Cards. The second in a high-quality historical restoration series

A few months ago Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com) offered us the first in a series of transformation decks. Now, and with overwhelming success, he has just released the second one: COTTA’S ALMANAC #2. This project stems from painstaking research on transformation cards and their origins coupled with Will’s interest in rescuing cards from the past in high-quality […]

LEPIDOPTERIST deck. The fusion of art and nature in charming playing cards

When an inspiration is artistic, elegant and evocative, the result of the work must be too. This is the case of the deck that I bring you today: LEPIDOPTERIST. Ethan Kowalesky, the human being behind Kowalesky & Co., has extensive experience in the world of illustration and although this is his first solo deck, he […]

PLAYING ARTS FUTURE Playing Cards. The world in 100 years from the artist’s eye

We have had to wait over a year to once again enjoy one of the most interesting visions of collaborative card art: FUTURE. This deck is the result of the enormous work behind Digital Abstracts, the online platform responsible for the Playing Arts series of decks. This creative experiment is based on a similar experience […]