ACKERMAN BARLETT 1818 Transformation Playing Cards. A historical metamorphosis that captivates the senses

Over the last few years we have witnessed an interesting series of reproductions of old decks, the result of the collaboration between Will Roya ( and Azured-Ox. Now, they offer us a new release that will not disappoint anyone: ACKERMAN BARLETT 1818. In 1833, Caleb Barlett published in New York what is considered the first transformation […]

ENTWINED WINTER Playing Cards. The cold becomes warm thanks to the beauty of the dance

The wait is over! My dear friends from Old Gravity, Ritu and Bivas, return with a new edition of the acclaimed Entwined series. This time, they immerse us in the magical atmosphere of winter with their latest release: ENTWINED: WINTER. Building on the success of the previous Summer and Fall releases, this third volume promises […]

BIONIC BLOSSOM Playing Cards: A cosmic journey through time and space

Crop circles have captivated the imagination of humanity, leaving us pondering their origins—deception or evidence of celestial visitors? This cultural phenomenon has intrigued scientists, mystics, and ufologists alike, with interpretations ranging from ancient forces to extraterrestrial contact. Now, a collaboration between renowned artist Milan Colovic, creator of the Asylum deck, and Max Playing Cards, invites […]

ENEIDA LOVE AND PASSION Playing Cards. The romanticism of the classical epic

Eneida is a poem written in 1798 as a parody of the well-known Aeneid by Virgil, where the Ukrainian writer Ivan Kotliarevsky transformed the heroes of Troy into Zaporizhia Cossacks. The author was probably inspired by Catherine the Great’s destruction in 1975 of Zaporizhia, a region sadly known for its constant attacks, its nuclear power […]

VICTORIAN STEAMPUNK Playing Cards. Classic elegance and modern 3D technology

In 2020 I had the opportunity to lead the production of the Victorian playing cards, two beautiful decks created by Maciej Frolow. Three years later, this fabulous design style returns in VICTORIAN STEAMPUNK. Maciej’s mastery and talent have once again been put at the service of the most delicate 3D modeling to combine the elegant […]