EMINENCE Playing Cards. The classic and elegant beauty inspired by royalty

After completing the fulfillment of the previous campaign (Legionary), Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards) strikes back in Kickstarter with his new creation: EMINENCE. Eminence is primarily elegant and sophisticated. Jody has played in a timeless, classic style that draws inspiration from royalty and traditional playing cards, but exudes a refined contemporary beauty. Within the full […]

Turtles, Vikings and Monsters. Everyone is invited to this great party of discounts and new releases

Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com) celebrates with all his customers and followers these three important days in the calendar of any card fan, with a party of discounts and releases.   BLACK FRIDAY: November 24th-25th 2022.     For this day, Will has prepared a new deck, designed by Artur Rajch, that follows the style of the previous ten […]

BICYCLE BALLOON OCEAN Playing Cards. Submerged animals and plants that could fly

Earlier this year, Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com) brought us Balloon Jungle, a colorful deck illustrated by Juniardi Satyanagara. Following its success, he has just launched BICYCLE BALLOON OCEAN. The bottom of the sea has served as inspiration to create a world of underwater creatures and plants designed in 3D with the use of colored balloons, thus illustrating […]

BICYCLE SPIDER playing cards. The fateful meeting of poison and silk

Ladybugs, bees, dragonflies, ants, centipedes, butterflies, grasshoppers, scorpions and snails… Will Roya’s (PlayingCardsDecks.com) has been filling our playing card collections with bugs for over two years now… He just released the new deck designed by Artur Rajch, and inspired by animals that arouse likes and dislikes: BICYCLE SPIDER. Spiders are not insects, but arthropods, since […]

Nazo Nazo Playing Cards. Japanese puzzles, games, adventures and… cats, many cats

Portfolio52 is already one of the main international collecting platforms where fans from all over the world can register their collections and trade duplicate decks. A few years ago, an old friend of Max Playing Cards, Alex Chin (Seasons Playing Cards) , took the reins of Portfolio52 to give it greater visibility and expansion. There are […]