TESTAMENT CLASSIC Playing Cards. A Biblical-inspired deck

In addition to its obvious religious significance, The Bible is an exciting tale, translated into several thousand languages, of which millions of copies have been made throughout history. Its characters have become immortal thanks to the pictorial and sculptural works of art by countless renowned artists. Ben Green pays tribute to this huge source of […]

VICTORIAN PEARL Playing Cards. The most luminous and delicate 3D craftsmanship

The Victorian campaign by  Maciej Frolow a few days ago was a real success. All stretch goals were unlocked, including metallic inks on cards and embossing, foil stock, inner printing and numbered seal in the tuck case. The highest stretch goal, the second deck, was unlocked 24 hours before the deadline, so many backers missed […]

INFINITE RULE LUXURY Playing Cards. A delicate and beautiful deck

Andy Sundlab is a restless designer with a desire to create beautiful, high-quality products. His experience in the world of illustration has led him to embark on this first playing card adventure called INFINITE RULE LUXURY. The gaze towards these cards reflects beauty and delicacy in each of their elements. The designs are elegant, with […]

VICTORIAN Playing Cards. The refinement of 3D craftsmanship

The canvas on which a playing card becomes, accepts all kinds of artistic expressions. One of the least used but full of possibilities is 3D design, of which Maciej Frolow is a true master. After many years of experience in illustration and 3D design, he has decided to jump into the world of crowdfunding through a […]

FLORENTIA Playing Cards. The beauty of the Italian Renaissance in your hands

Each one has their favorite towns. The mixture of sensations that a place evokes in us combines its beauty with the experiences lived in it. If I had to make a list of my five cities, without a doubt, Florence would be in the top. Cradle of culture, art and architecture of the Renaissance, this […]