BIG BROTHER Playing Cards. The deck that keeps an eye on you

Big Brother is a superior entity first introduced by George Orwell in 1984 in his novel about a dystopian society. This enigmatic, controlling and omnipresent being has served as inspiration for a new deck: BIG BROTHER. This is the second deck by Andy Kurovets (3rd dominion) after successfully completing the production of his Art of […]

BICYCLE BEEKEEPER Playing Cards. When the red turns yellow

Will Roya ( has created his own style of custom playing cards after working on several projects with artist Artur Rajch. Now, he has released his new BICYCLE BEEKEEPER. Although there is anything that says this belong to a series, this deck recalls Bicycle Ladybug. Also inspired by the world of insects, the traditional colors have […]

ROYALES Playing Cards. A night full of luxury in a Monte Carlo casino

When I found out that my good friend Lee Mckenzie (Kings and Crooks) was about to launch his new project, I couldn’t avoid that pleasant feeling, not too common, of a new quality deck, the result of meticulous work, prolonged in time, with an eye on the card fan and where the details make the […]

BOLD playing cards. Typographic elegance in a charming deck

After working on awesome designs with Passione Playing Cards on the Pinocchio and Florentia decks, Elettra Deganello (:[creative]studio) is living her first solo adventure in the playing cards design world with BOLD playing cards. The simplicity of its name hides a minimalist but intense concept, modern but not superficial, which brings together the artist’s passion for […]

TESTAMENT CLASSIC Playing Cards. A Biblical-inspired deck

In addition to its obvious religious significance, The Bible is an exciting tale, translated into several thousand languages, of which millions of copies have been made throughout history. Its characters have become immortal thanks to the pictorial and sculptural works of art by countless renowned artists. Ben Green pays tribute to this huge source of […]