BICYCLE NINJA Playing Cards. A silent and deadly deck

Ruthless and silent mercenaries, the ninjas manage to convey that mixed sensation of intrigue and fear. Inspired by these mysterious characters, Roya ( presents his new deck: BICYCLE NINJA. In a new collaboration with Juniardi Satyanagara, these cards collect the ninja fighting spirit through their different weapons and characters in a completely customized deck. The aces […]

JELLYFISH Playing Cards. If you meet it in the sea, just play or do magic

They have lived with us for 500 million years. With a large gelatinous hat and stinging tentacles, jellyfishes are beautiful and dangerous creatures that any swimmer is afraid to find in the sea. Inspired by this interesting animal, Penguin Magic offers us their latest direct release: JELLYFISH. As in many of Penguin’s productions, these cards try, […]

NOCTURNA Playing cards. Love and palace intrigues in dark captivating illustrations

If we mix, within a tuck case, artistic talent, creativity, visual narrative and a cool reinterpretation of classic playing cards, we will find ourselves in front of an interesting creation: NOCTURNA. Nocturna is a very special deck that exudes artistic sensitivity and passion. Polish artist Pawel Kania has transformed traditional playing cards into an evocative […]

SCIENCE Playing Cards: CHEMISTRY Edition. Men and women who have caused a great reaction in humanity

The world of science also comes to playing cards in a playful and educational combination to know, and recognize, the work of those women and men whose research and discoveries have been of benefit to humanity. This series of decks dedicated to science begins with the first volume: CHEMISTRY. In this first edition, 153 scientists […]

CYBERNUDE Playing Cards. A deck for adults full of mysteries to unravel

While his Bicycle Las Vegas project is being completed, artistic and creative director Gary Ljamin (Gamble Art) is already working and revealing the first details of his next deck. There is still very little information but here are the first images of what will be his next campaign: CYBERNUDE. CYBERNUDE explores a future universe, which […]