The new digital era of ASESCOIN. A universe of playing cards just a click away

The wait is over. After years of effort, ASESCOIN, the Spanish Association of Playing Card Collecting and Research, finally has its own well-deserved corner in the vast digital network. This website is not just a collection of pages; it is a showcase for the passion, history, and community surrounding playing cards. ASESCOIN is the only […]

MARKED BICYCLE RIDER BACK Deck. Revealing the secret behind the most iconic back

After many years of working with and for magicians from various places, I have discovered that a magician is a curious and interesting specimen, especially when it comes to playing cards. Almost all those I have met (and there have been quite a few) can’t seem to agree on the deck for performing card magic. […]

ENTWINED SPRING Playing Cards. The reborn harmony in Nature’s dance

A world where whispers of the wind intertwine with the murmurs of streams, where sunlight gently caresses the landscape, and the vibrant colors of flowers dance in the air. This is the world brought to life by Ritu and Bivas (Old Gravity) in ENTWINED: SRPING. Following the previous editions (Summer, Fall, and Winter), this deck […]

UNBREAKABLE UKRAÏNA Playing Cards. A deck of hope in times of war

In a world where tragedies are often forgotten as quickly as they arise, it’s easy to lose sight of the reality of ongoing conflicts that continue to affect entire communities. Exactly two years have passed since the onset of the brutal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, an event that marked the beginning of […]

JOY Playing Cards. Shuffling happiness into every hand

In the world of art and creativity, sometimes the simplest ideas can turn into something extraordinary. This is precisely the story behind a deck inspired by a personal experience full of emotional ups and downs, much more than just a set of playing cards: JOY. The seed of the JOY deck was planted a decade […]