COTTA’s ALMANAC #5 Playing Cards. The penultimate volume in a great series of transformation decks

The Emperor Augustus wanted to attribute a mythical origin to the Roman Empire and, to glorify it, he asked the poet Virgil to write a great epic. In meticulous work of more than ten years, Virgil rewrote the works of Homer to present the founding of Rome with the use of all the Greek myths […]

BICYCLE HONEYBEE Playing Cards. The famous bees arrive again, but this time pedaling

In 2015, a cool collaboration began between a great company dedicated to magic products, Penguin Magic, and a talented designer who has always been a good friend of Max Playing Cards, Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company). That collaboration made possible a bestseller called HoneyBee. Honeybee was a simple but bold deck, perfect for magic, play and […]

HORSEMEN Playing Cards. Four cavaliers that bring us a huge plague… of design and talent

One of the most gripping and terrifying fantasy stories was written at the island of Patmos, off the coast of Asia, 2,100 years ago, by someone named John, whom everyone associates with the apostle friend of Jesus. This book, included in the New Testament, is called Revelation, and it narrates, in the form of prophecy, […]

DISCOUNTED BICYCLE PLAYING CARDS. A little bird, specifically a parrot, told me

A few months ago, the BICYCLE PARROT project was successfully funded and its production and fulfillment was recently completed. The artist Renee LeCompte had designed several years ago her “Parrots of the World” deck with portraits of some of these species. Following a collaboration with Will Roya ( on the Strigiformes project, Renee began designing a new version of her […]

THE GOLDEN AGE OF GOLF Playing Cards. The vintage flavor of the best swing

I am pleased to share with you a new deck that has just been released: THE GOLDEN AGE OF GOLF. This is the first deck inspired by golf depicted in the entire history of Max Playing Cards. It has been designed by a Spanish colorist, illustrator and writer, Jay M. Guerrero, whose passion has led […]