UMBRA Playing Cards. A fantastic journey from shadows into Luminosity

One of the most talented contemporary artists in playing card design, Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards), surprised us a year ago with Luminosity, a project in which he completely changed his style to offer us an authentic graphic fantasy inspired by Norse mythology and enriched by the fascinating story written by Ricky Cassford. Now, Jody […]

SLOTS Playing Cards. Try your luck at any of our casinos

Three years ago, two good friends started an adventure together that has grown into a prolific succession of decks. The team formed by Mike Wilson (The Doc/@thedoc318) and Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) has already offered us three successful campaigns and has just launched the fourth: SLOTS. Mike is a passionate of magic and cardistry who works trying to incorporate them into helping autistic persons […]

ENTWINED: SUMMER Playing Cards. The fusion between man and nature through dance

Following the success of their Alis Luminis campaign, the charming Old Gravity team of Ritu and Bivas are back again with their most ambitious card project yet: ENTWINED: SUMMER. The art of Old Gravity is characterized by its delicacy and its colorful harmonies. The illustrations, completely hand-drawn with advanced digital techniques, are extremely beautiful and […]

ROME: AUGUSTUS Playing Cards. A modern chronicle of a very ancient Rome

It has been 4 years since Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) released ROME, one of his most successful creations. The designer has recovered the illustrations from the originals to offer us a renewed and interesting proposal: ROME: AUGUSTUS. The deck is inspired by Ancient Rome and is named after Augustus, the first Roman emperor after the […]

AUGMENTED AMERICA Playing Cards. Two decks with augmented reality… and fiction

From time to time we find projects that show that passion for well done work goes beyond creating beautiful playing cards or great illustrations. The project I bring today is much more than that. It’s an incredible combination of illustration, art, history, technology, science fiction and artistic imagination: AUGMENTED AMERICA. It is undeniable that Povilas […]