CAPSIZE Playing Cards. The deck of a sea dog

Circe’s Game is a new and enthusiastic creator who breaks into the world of custom playing cards with CAPSIZE. Capsize collects charming illustrations to theme a deck with a nautical inspiration. The designs have been taken care of to offer an interesting product for all audiences: magicians, collectors, cardists, players, … The court cards show […]

BICYCLE GLIDER BACK playing cards. The magic of folded paper

Among the infinite handicrafts, the paper airplane is without a doubt the one we have all made at some time (and could even do without thinking). Inspired by the classic art of origami, Penguin Magic presents a direct release of their own production: BICYCLE GLIDER BACK. The BICYCLE GLIDER BACK deck has been completely customized […]

ENTWINED: FALL Playing Cards. The dance of nature when the leaves fall

After achieving a huge success in the first volume dedicated to summer,  now they launch the second one: ENTWINED: FALL. The charming Old Gravity team of Ritu and Bivas are back again with a production characterized by its delicacy and its colorful harmonies. The illustrations, completely hand-drawn with advanced digital techniques, are extremely beautiful and arise […]

A NEWFOUNDLAND deck. Tradition and folklore in charming playing cards

As a creative item, playing cards transport us to imaginary places, to exciting legends or even to emotional corners of their creators. However, sometimes cards tell us about the folklore and the history of real places, and they do it in a way that trap us with the same magic. This is the case of […]

BUTTERFLY SPRING Playing Cards. Nature in vivid colors

This spring is not going to be like any of the ones we have lived so far. The world is upside down and people are sadder than ever. However, spring is a time of blossoming and renewal and Ondrej Psenicka is one of those bright and optimistic human beings to count on to cheer up. […]