CARTOMANCER DUALITY Playing Cards. Life from both sides of the mirror

Alain Benoit‘s artistic talent gave birth to Cartomancer, one of the most critically acclaimed decks of 2018 thanks to a charming atmosphere and deep inspiration in human beings, psychology, art and divination. Almost four years later, the artist offers us a new, somewhat more disturbing vision of that inner world: CARTOMANCER DUALITY. Cartomancer is much […]

DOMINION EXQUISITE Playing Cards. The meeting of beautiful traditional design and advanced printing technology

In a market saturated with soulless decks, multiple recolored versions, and lazy creators, there are some artists who keep us looking forward to their next project. One of my favorites is  Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards), a designer who tries to reinvent himself in each new campaign by offering meticulous objects and designs that do […]

THE WIZARD OF OZ Playing Cards. An animated tour through the yellow brick road

The master in animated playing cards, Stephen W. Brandt (fig. 23), continues with his decks dedicated to the great classics of literature and illustration with: THE WIZARD OF OZ FLIP BOOK. The story of Dorothy in the world of Oz is known worldwide thanks to the 1939 MGM cult film which, like this deck, was […]

ACE INVADERS playing cards. Aliens come to play and do magic

May 4th has become a very special day for fans of space science fiction movies and has been chosen by Penguin Magic for this new direct release: ACE INVADERS. Ace Invaders gets a smile from all of us who have grown up resting against an arcade machine. Completely customized, this deck gives us a new […]

SENSU Playing Cards. The exciting encounter of Nature and Japanese culture

When art transcends the canvas and playing cards become a form of multidimensional expression, it is when we are faced with a creation that is the result of artistic talent and a special sensitivity. This is the case of Jack Brutus Penny, a writer and illustrator who delighted us just over a year ago with […]