Openhearted Max Playing Cards. The most complete interview

Throughout all these years immersed in the the world of playing cards, I have had the opportunity to meet many people and interview, in a more or less formal way, some of them to investigate a little more about the human beings behind a logo , a brand or a design. However, it is the […]

CLOCKWORK MONTANA MUSTACHE MANUFACTURING CO. Playing Cards. Vintage design and huge animated handlebars

The king of animated cards, Stephen W. Brandt (Swabbed Decks), has just launched a new creation within his Clockwork series with outpouring of imagination through the mechanism of a clock: CLOCKWORK: MONTANA MUSTACHE MANUFACTURING CO. All previous decks, produced under his seal fig. 23, took their inspiration from artistic and historical references linked to big […]

THE CONJURING Playing Cards. Female magic power

Nobody knows how to combine feminine beauty with terror and magic like Kirk Slater (52Ravens). It has been more than two years since he delighted us with a new creation but, finally, here we have it: THE CONJURING. In a daring monochromatic composition, Kirk plays with an intense, almost fluorescent red on a black background […]

BICYCLE ROBOT Playing Cards. Cute metal characters everywhere

Penguin Magic‘s casual style often appears in some of their new releases in the world of custom playing cards. They have just launched a direct production: BICYCLE ROBOTS. The Bicycle Robots deck is simple and fun, completely customized and inspired by a technological future in which the world of robotics is reinterpreted with a more […]

AREA 51 Playing Cards. A deck made with human and extraterrestrial technology

During the cold war, the United States created Area 51, a top secret military base in the middle of the Mojave Desert, the existence of which was denied until 2012, when documents showing its structure and location were declassified. Its objective was the development of aerial spy technologies. Popular culture has turned this place into […]