DISCOUNTED BICYCLE PLAYING CARDS. A little bird, specifically a parrot, told me

A few months ago, the BICYCLE PARROT project was successfully funded and its production and fulfillment was recently completed. The artist Renee LeCompte had designed several years ago her “Parrots of the World” deck with portraits of some of these species. Following a collaboration with Will Roya ( on the Strigiformes project, Renee began designing a new version of her […]

THE GOLDEN AGE OF GOLF Playing Cards. The vintage flavor of the best swing

I am pleased to share with you a new deck that has just been released: THE GOLDEN AGE OF GOLF. This is the first deck inspired by golf depicted in the entire history of Max Playing Cards. It has been designed by a Spanish colorist, illustrator and writer, Jay M. Guerrero, whose passion has led […]

BARCLAY MOUNTAIN Playing Cards. An ambitious project to avoid being forgotten

Robert Tomlinson is an artist who has been in the world of playing cards for many years. One of his main goals has been to keep local history alive and he has printed thousands of decks with his seal on which he has paid tribute to historical places and events. His new project is one […]

PIP BOX CLUB Playing Cards are three years old and still just as mysterious as ever

Being active year after year means that a company is in excellent health. If turned 4 years ago a few weeks ago, Will Roya has recently celebrated the third year of one of his most interesting projects: THE PIP BOX CLUB. Max Playing Cards witnessed its birth in May 2018 and three years later […]

CARTOMANCER DUALITY Playing Cards. Life from both sides of the mirror

Alain Benoit‘s artistic talent gave birth to Cartomancer, one of the most critically acclaimed decks of 2018 thanks to a charming atmosphere and deep inspiration in human beings, psychology, art and divination. Almost four years later, the artist offers us a new, somewhat more disturbing vision of that inner world: CARTOMANCER DUALITY. Cartomancer is much […]