GUNS, JAZZ & WHISKEY Playing Cards. Those Rouring Twenties

Among all the decades in the 20th century, the twenties in the United States have always been an inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration. This decade began with a huge economic growth after the First World War and ended with one of the largest recessions in the country’s history. The movement of money, the prohibition and […]

BICYCLE PLANCK playing cards. The smallest of the universes

After his first experience in playing cards design and production with the Magistrate decks, Jason Troiano has decided to go to the next level with a new creation: BICYCLE PLANCK. In this new campaign Jason presents another of his favorite subjects, science, from a “tiny” perspective. The name of the deck comes from a scientific […]

WARRIOR WOMEN Playing Cards. Warring female power

A young and passionate trio of friends joint in Headless Kings to offer us entertainment products with interesting stories… the perfect setting for a new deck: WARRIOR WOMEN. In a long and complex process in which civilized society begins to give women their rightful place, this deck pays tribute to women who, throughout history, knew […]

KIRA Playing Cards. A naturally balanced deck

Three years after his latest crowdfunding project, Sven Philipp ( mixes ideas of magic and design in this new deck: KIRA. Kira arises from the desire of the magician Ernest Schulz to create his own deck of cards with a special customization. In this way, the designer Ade Santora created a new set of illustrations in […]

EPHEMERID COLLECTORS EDITION Playing Cards. The definitive collection in letterpress technique

Throughout several campaigns we have been able to enjoy the creative talent of Fabien Barral (Mr. Cup) in his Ephemerid Playing Cards. During the production of his previous campaign, Fabien was able to experiment with different textures and colors in the tuck cases and then decided to launch a new and exclusive campaign with some of […]