STRONGHOLD MMXX Playing Cards. A medieval epopee with a modern twist

For centuries, the Knights Templar have been the great defenders of the Holy Grail, the chalice used in the Last Supper Jesus shared with his apostles. These warriors have defended with their lives the constant attempts to steal the sacred object full of mysterious magical properties. But this secret Templar order has disappeared and, with […]

HARMONY BACK Playing Cards. Vintage lyres that hide magical secrets

Arcadia Playing Cards has always made  elegant decks, with clean and careful designs, with varied inspirations in which imagination and magic have always played an important role. Now they present their latest creation: HARMONY BACK. HARMONY BACK is a very special proposal that offers high quality decks, with designs inspired by old playing cards but with […]

Diamonback Playing Cards. Casino inspiration with a simple, fresh and original design

Dmitrii Lebedev (Rattle Shuttle) has already achieved a place in the world of card creation on his own merits. Following his success with the Invasion and Lock-n-Load decks, Dmitrii returns to his roots with the remastered re-release of the first of his creations: DIAMONDBACK. In this deck the artist sets aside his elaborate and detailed […]

GEMINI CASINO Playing Cards. The empire of fictional casinos with the greatest variety of colors

After posting about Cherry Casino series, many readers have asked me about similar series, especially one of them: GEMINI CASINO. Gemini Decks is a young company that has achieved a huge success thanks to its minimalist and geometric creations with bold colors, especially popular with cardistry fans. Among its decks we find Gemini Casino, playing cards […]

TUCAN Playing Cards. The colorful Mayan world opens its wings

Penguin Magic not only offers one of the widest variety of magic tricks and playing cads but also make their own productions with awesome items. They have recently launched a very special deck of cards: TUCÁN. Inspired by the Mayan culture, the TUCÁN deck covers the iconography of this ancient and long-lived Mesoamerican civilization known […]