RESILIENCE Playing Cards. A marked and ordered elegance

Alberto Ruano is a self-taught magician who has compiled, since his childhood, information, books and content from the best magicians in the world. In tireless work over the years, Alberto has drawn from the sources of classical magical wisdom by René Lavand or Juan Tamariz and from contemporary techniques such as those by Ondrej Psenicka […]

COTTA’s ALMANAC # 3 Playing Cards. The third one in the successful transformation decks series

Following the resounding success of the previous two campaigns, Will Roya ( continues with this series of transformation decks, now offering the third one: COTTA’S ALMANAC #3. This project stems from painstaking research on transformation cards and their origins coupled with Will’s interest in rescuing cards from the past in high-quality restorations thanks to the meticulous […]

Nobel Prize Playing Cards: Chemistry Edition. The wonderful minds behind the great discoveries for humanity

When Alfred Nobel, a Swedish engineer and inventor well known for his contributions to the arms industry, read his own obituary published by mistake after the death of his brother, he felt such remorse that decided to invest his posthumous fortune in creating a series of awards that served of recognition to those whose investigations […]

HARMONY BACK Playing Cards. The relaunch of the magical lyres

Arcadia Playing Cards has always made elegant decks, with clean and careful designs, with varied inspirations in which imagination and magic have always played an important role. Now they relaunch their latest creation: HARMONY BACK. This relaunch includes the original proposal with a lower funding goal because the gaff deck will be a stretch goal. HARMONY […]

Some playing card decks to remember in a year that many people prefer to forget

  We all agree that 2020 has not been the best year of our lives. However, I wanted to make a small selection of some decks released this year that are worth remembering. The objective of this article is to review decks that I find interesting, without boasts of exclusivity, without impossible to get editions, […]