ANGELS AND DEMONS Playing Cards. The eternal struggle between good and evil is back

After making some changes to the original designs, and after producing decks with a high graphic quality such as Heroes of the Nations or Ancient Egypt, April GS relaunch their campaign of ANGELS AND DEMONS. In these decks the artist explores the eternal duality between good and evil with illustrations of a fantastic comic and […]

THE ART OF THE CON Playing Cards. A deceptive deck

Deception is as old as humanity. Used to make a profit at the expense of others’ ignorance or greed, it has turned some people into true scam legends. Inspired by some of the biggest swindlers in history, the young and dynamic 3rd dominion group have just released their first deck: THE ART OF THE CON. […]

LIKE LIGHTNING Playing Cards. The 160th anniversary of the Pony Express

50 riders and 500 horses were in charge of traveling the 3600 kilometers between Missouri and California in the famous Pony Express to carry the messages from one end to the other of the United States between April 1960 and November 1861. Despite offering faster delivery service, the Pony Express closed one year after its […]

LUNAR AND ZODIAC: YEAR OF THE TIGER Playing Cards. The fourth deck of this luxurious collection

Nomads Playing Cards guys  continue offering their beautiful series of Zodiac decks to their backers. Thus, they have released the fourth deck: LUNAR AND ZODIAC: YEAR OF THE TIGER. This series takes as reference the relationship between the nomads of Xiongnu in ancient Mongolia and the well-known Chinese lunar calendar represented by 12 animals. In […]

COTTA’s ALMANAC # 1 Playing Cards. The first reproduction of a series of historical transformation decks

Throughout history, transformation decks have been very special collectibles. They represent a further step in custom playing cards converting each card’s pips into the true protagonists in the design. Will Roya ( wanted to rescue one of the most important historical contributions to the transformation decks: COTTA’S ALMANAC #1. This project stems from painstaking research on […]