VALHALLA VIKINGS Playing Cards. Norse mythology elegantly illustrated

The story of the Viking warriors is a story of strong and reckless men and women, eager to explore and conquer new territories. Those who died did so in the hope of being chosen by the god Odin and led by the Valkyries to Valhalla, where they would join many other dead heroes to prepare […]

BICYCLE SNAIL Playing Cards. Don’t be slow and get it

Will Roya’s ( bugs show up when you least expect it. Here is the new deck designed by Artur Rajch, with some very calm animals: BICYCLE SNAIL. This charming gastropod mollusk, with its spiral shell, stars in the ninth deck of the series dedicated to critter. The deck takes up the white backgrounds of its […]

MECHANIMALS playing cards. The epic and the history of playing cards in a fabulous edition

Celsius Pictor,  experienced illustrator and art director, joins Max Playing Cards in launching a true work of art turned into a deck, deeply rooted in the culture and history of playing cards and in its own language: MECHANIMALS. For his creations, the artist uses a very thorough mixed technique that combines collage from old 19th-century engravings […]

ETHEREAL DREAMS Playing Cards. A captivating meeting of the history of poker and tarot with the delicate beauty of women

In 2021 I had the pleasure of collaborating on the production of Professor Tate’s decks with David Bollt, a talented visionary artist in love with playing cards who has already become a great friend. The project was a huge success with over 5,000 decks printed. As soon as the campaign was fulfilled, we started working on […]

BICYCLE LAS VEGAS IMPROVED Playing Cards. New neon colors

Gary Ljamin is a tireless entrepreneur, a lover of design playing cards, trying to find his own place in the playing cards production scenario. After the success of his Bicycle Las Vegas deck two years ago, he has decided to launch a new project with minor modifications and new colors: BICYCLE LAS VEGAS IMPROVED. Following […]