LUMINOSITY LUX Playing Cards. The revival of an epic classic

Five years have passed since Jody Eklund, the genius behind Black Ink Playing Cards, amazed us with Luminosity, a deck inspired by Norse mythology and an epic story of the struggle between good and evil. Today, with great enthusiasm, I speak of the revival of this masterpiece with a renewed vision while maintaining the essence that captivated so many: LUMINOSITY LUX.



The story that sets the stage for these playing cards presents the epic conflict between Ahendhal and Kapshunis, originating from the Fracture, and the prophecy of the supreme being emerging from the Cave of Creation. This narrative, crafted by Ricky Cassford, transports players to legendary remote lands filled with mystery and power. Luminosity marked a radical change in Jody’s style, moving towards a meticulously crafted design with deep aesthetic strength. This new campaign not only revives the original designs but also enriches them with modern details and techniques, further elevating the quality and beauty of these decks.



One of the distinctive elements of this edition is that the decks, for the first time, incorporate metallic foil on the backs, something that will undoubtedly add a unique shine and elegance, capturing the attention of collectors and players alike.



For this campaign, two dazzling editions with different tuck cases have been prepared, both maintaining the spirit of the original design.

The Lux Edition is presented in a white matte paper tuck case with embossing and copper metallic foil.



The Gilded Lux Edition is designed for true enthusiasts. It comes in a matte copper paper tuck case with more detailed embossing and copper metallic foil. Additionally, the cards will feature copper gilded edges. Only 500 units of this edition will be printed.



Both editions will be printed by WJPC, known for their excellent work in playing card production, while the tuck cases will be crafted by Boschiero & Newton in Italy, with extensive experience in creating finishes of immense beauty and quality.

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this new era of Luminosity. The campaign is already well-funded, so if you want to be part of this epic, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!