Luxx v2. Exclusive pre-sale of these nice and elegant Playing Cards

In summer 2014, JP Playing Cards launched LUXX decks, a design inspired by the traditional playing cards but with a touch of classic and delicate elegance developed by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company). Only 1,111 of each were printed and they are officially sold out (excepting some units for specific promotions).

Paul Middleton, the man behind JPPC, one of the most relevant online card shops in Europe, was really struck by the welcome showed about the first edition from the community of card fans and decided to make a second edition with a higher print run and some changes to offer better quality and lower priced decks.



LUXX Shadow Edition is the second (but not last) of playing cards under the LUXX brand that Paul wants to become a reference label for JP.

3000 units of each deck will be printed by Legends Playing Card Company. The first 500 decks of each color will have a special holographic seal for those that offer their support during the pre-order window that starts today.

This new edition in black and white uses gold and silver foil paper in the tuck case and the inside will be laminated giving the look of a black foil inner. Furthermore, cards will be red and gold using metallic inks instead of the four color scheme of the first edition.

Apart from individual sets, in this pre-order two types of bricks (including a custom brick case) are offered:

  • A mixed brick with 6 decks of each silver and gold color. The first 50 will include one sealed set.
  • A multi-mixed brick with 3 decks of every edition printed (v1 blue, v1 orange, v2 gold and v2 silver). No sealed decks in this brick.

Both bricks are limited and will have a special price during the first two weeks. The multi-mixed birck will be available only during the pre-order window.

Don’t miss this opportunity and visit JP Playing Cards to make your pre-order.