Amontillado Playing Cards. Limited transformation deck inspired by Poe’s terror

While everyone in Spain knows the Amontillado, as an Andalusian wine, something between Fino and Oloroso, many people out there know it through the story by the great Edgar Allan Poe “The Cask of Amontillado”. Inspired by that dark and gloomy story, it comes to us the AMONTILLADO deck.

This is the latest creation of no-reply design that, with their Royal Dinosaur and Songs Of Experience decks, have become creators of ultra limited editions with original designs with a strong artistic inspiration.

Amontillado Playing cards have been designed by Kellie Hawks who has hand-painted 55 illustrations that have been adapted for each one of the cards in the deck. This is a semi-transformation deck in which each card is different and original, with a deep dark style, like the story that inspired it.

The print run will be only 500 decks printed by Make Playing Cards, and each one will come, as in the previous No Reply creations, with a numbered wooden card as a certificate of authenticity.

Just a few days left to the end of the campaign and just a few decks available so do not miss it, visit the project website and get yours.

Good luck!