Bicycle Gorilla Deck. Have you seen a simian riding a tricycle?


They tried it some weeks ago but they didn’t get funds. Now, Spicy Pickle Creative strikes back with a renewed project of The Gorilla Deck of Playing Cards.



Designed by David Edgerly (Dia de los Muertos deck), This deck pays tribute to all the big simian in the world. The main difference between both projects is that this new deck is a Bicycle deck. This makes much more coherent the cool design of the gorilla rider back. The rest of the deck remains quite similar, a funny and clear design, that mixes the beauty and the playability.



Although there is only one edition of this limited deck, a Silverback edition has been also designed as a stretch goal. It will be in black and metallic inks.



If you like the design, go for it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!